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A Beijing miao qi hang electronic tags for nursery stock, forest management to digital information

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
The weather warmed, the scene of spring let interest filed a spring outing, but in the process of play but not accurate name can see trees. Nowadays, miao did not have the 'id', sweep, using a mobile phone to call what name, what kind of flower, where by cultivating information such as the be clear at a glance. Recently, located in the sea to settle in the town of Beijing of the hexiang Yi landscape engineering co. , LTD. Has to hang up the seedling planting in the company of Beijing seedlings standing issued by the unification of electronic tags, the electronic 'id card' of the electronic label of nursery stock, as long as through WeChat scan qr code can obtain relevant background and plant quarantine information. Marks the seedling tags from paper age into the electronic age, forest management are moving towards digital information model. It is understood that this is the Beijing forestry protection station to further standardize the Beijing in 2020, a new round of one million mu of afforestation project management of key projects, such as promoting subject to quarantine inspection of local forestry plant process back, the construction supervision platform, and on April 1 solstice 14, joint seed seedling management station, Beijing forestry in the 13 districts in the city held a local nursery stock electronic tag field. Beijing sea Yi landscape engineering co. , LTD. , as the first demonstration enterprises, thus for the city's positive response about promoting afforestation informatization construction goals, through the early seedling measurement, information input, label binding, such as multifarious work, is now about 85% of the nursery stock in the company hung up the electronic label. 'The qr code label CARDS, actually is a kind of plant roots system, it will plant quarantine situation, background of plant biology, such as information integration, to plant gives the unique identity of a piece of information, by scanning the qr code above small brands, related plant background can be obtained, at the same time, appreciate the plant can also get to know relevant information and knowledge. 'The Beijing sea Yi landscape engineering co. , LTD. , the chief engineer Xu Xu introduction, thus give after seedling hang electronic' id card ', not only provides the seedling diseases and insect pests and so on the health and quarantine certificate, convenient trace back, more science, make visitors can quickly understand the plant information. In addition, through in the whole city to promote the qr code label card, there will be good for trees 'census', the city green system data update. With Beijing einhell China hexiang Yi landscape engineering co. , LTD. , seedling cultivation by, for example, the nursery stock production 'id card' to have 15% of new varieties of failure to complete information recorded by the Beijing forestry protection station platform, the company will next new seedling situation in a timely manner to report. Settle town this year more than 800 mu of seedlings raised in large-scale seedling planting base sizes, will wear this kind of electron 'id card'. return
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