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A magnetic stripe card

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Magnetic stripe card as a magnetic material with a liquid or magnetic information carrier, the article makes liquid magnetic material covered or with width is 6 - on the card 14 mm magnetic card laminated together ( Usually in the unionpay card) 。 Magnetic stripe CARDS are used for identification, information can be written, stored and rewrite. To record data with high reliability, large density, low rate of misreading, information input and reading speed. Magnetic stripe card is easy to read and write, easy to use, low cost, even has some security, therefore will be widely used. A magnetic stripe card was accepted by the bank first, and then widely used. Phone CARDS, for example, ticket check, the stock market can use magnetic stripe card, it will become a part of our everyday life. The application of a magnetic stripe card swipe CARDS used in finance, postal services, communications, transportation, travel, health care, education, hotel, etc. One of the most popular magnetic stripe CARDS with a magnetic stripe is smooth surface, can be embossed, bar code and hot pressing, etc.
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