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Absorption material in the application of RFID tags

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
The RFID industry in China after 10 years of development, now it is comparatively mature technology. Especially in the past two years, the state actively encourage and vigorously promote the healthy development of the background, the industry along with the Internet of the advancement of various factors, it has always maintained a steady rise in the development of the situation. The current international general frequency to 13. 56兆赫。 13. 56 MHZ high-frequency RFID technology, stable performance, reasonable price. The scope of its reading distance distance range to match with the practical application. Therefore, it is widely used in bus CARDS and mobile payments, particularly in South Korea, Japan and other places. RFID tags are normally used for metals in the environment. When RFID tag is close to metal, metal to the electromagnetic wave has strong reflective, therefore the attenuation and reading become closer. May cause serious interference card fault phenomenon. The general solution is in the electronic label paste on the back of a layer of magnetic absorbing materials. Absorption materials in electronic device noise reduction, absorption and there are many applications for EMC. High frequency rfid metal tag is usually absorbent material. Hope this is helpful to everyone. Want to know more?
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