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After fur, 2018 Russia will implement electronic tag management of footwear products

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
According to Russian newspaper and city daily reported, from June 1, 2018 Russian government asked domestic footwear industry in Russia's sales of all kinds of footwear must be accompanied by rfid tags. Complete data record label footwear, including country of origin, manufacturers and importers of details and the final retailer. The move aims to clamp down on smuggling and illegal import footwear sales activities. In fact, the Russian fur electronic identification system refer to the United States, Italy, Britain, belarus and other related items, electronic identification system of the country. Moreover, on May 28, 2015, the board of directors of the economic commission for Europe and Asia signed a decree, agreed to implement electronic identification on the fur. By April 2016, Russia has mandatory fur coat must be accompanied by RFID tags in the domestic market, including wholesale and retail distribution level, and the member states of the Eurasian economic union ( In addition to the Russia, Armenia, belarus, kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan) Also has the same measures. Since August 12, 2016, no paste in electronic label of artificial fur clothing in the league it is prohibited to purchase, storage, use, transportation and sales. The move could hit 'gray' fur clothing imports. According to expert estimates, at present in Europe and Asia, economic union countries in the market, 70% - 85% of fur clothing not pay customs smuggling import taxes, or in the league in underground factory production and not pay the corresponding domestic tax. The Russian ministry of trade and industry regulates the fur industry, the introduction of RFID technology, think about is not work, can not only ensure the fur industry legal business, also for the first time the true scale displayed. According to the information provided in the department, the Russian fur coats the annual sales of about 400000, and 2017 fur manufacturers and traders to order the tag number of up to 6 million. Almost certainly, used in the footwear industry label, should with the fur industry is slightly different. Fur products are expensive, the cost of each label about 0. $7, the fur industry is insignificant. However, each pair of shoes price as low as three to five dollars, such as cheap summer sandals, therefore, the label cost for the footwear industry is a heavy burden. Most large footwear company as a whole, Russia, including Kari, Zenden, ObuvRossii, RalfRinger and Econika is welcome the new measures, thought to be able to create a fair competition environment for all retailers. Measures, however, they focus on the additional costs, particularly in the upgrade information technology systems and hired additional staff, etc. June 1, 2018, sale may be fined no label footwear products, therefore many retailers could catch and before the implementation of laws, in this autumn, low price to sell the stock. The fur industry, for example, Russia's fur products price before the implementation of mandatory measures for two-time plunge. As for the footwear industry, the Russian government advice, all shoes regardless of cost, labelling regulations are applicable to all. Some investors believe, however, if price is only applicable to your shoes will be more fair, but most large footwear company believes that the move is likely to produce holes, let dishonest retailers, importers and distributors. return
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