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After the outbreak, the Internet of things technology to explode in the field of urban management level in!

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
On May 29, the shenzhen city management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau announced a full start work for dogs implanted electronic chips free of charge, shenzhen all dogs must be injected with chip. To the end of the year, 100% registered dog injection chip implementation system. And did not give a dog injection, electronic chips will be treated as unlicensed dog. Image: shenzhen special zone newspaper shenzhen this wave of god operating pulled open the curtain 'dog networking'. So, what the Internet of things technology in pet management role? To understand together! 1. Identity management electronic chips though volume is quite small, but it contains 16 only international general code, the code will be accompanied by a dog life, equivalent to a dog's electronic identity card, can ensure the uniqueness of dogs. Through to pet implanted electronic chips, to pet for electronic identity card, the pet information records storage, centralized management. Fundamentally solve the problem of hard pet information collection and management. Dogs injected with chip has many advantages, the first chip proved the uniqueness of the dog. Pet hospital, vaccination situation and so on all can realize intelligent information management; Rare dog wandered off, law enforcement officers found later, swept away will know the basic information, the owner will soon be able to claim dogs; , at the same time, supervise and urge responsible dog owners, dogs after accident doesn't run off. 2. Positioning management at present shenzhen implanted electronic chip no real-time positioning function. But for the demand of users, if you want to live on their pets to locate, convenient search, can buy a pet locator with positioning chip. Pet locator pet locator with built-in GPS module and a mobile communication terminal module, GPS module is used to obtain the location data via mobile communication module ( GSM/GPRS network) Spread to the Internet on a single server, thereby can realize query on a computer or mobile phone terminal location. Now that pet events occurred frequently, lost pet locator arises at the historic moment, and with it comes in. 3. Pet networking shenzhen free for dogs implanted electronic chips, can store the information including the dog was born, the master contact, health records such as medical treatment, such as vaccination, implants, dog information will be uploaded to the backend system, implementation of dogs can be traced back 'networking'. In addition, in the business to promote the development of the Internet of things, the pet as human partner has been added to the need to connect 'equipment list'. At CES 2019, for example, made its debut 'Pet Cube 2' of the device, provides a matrix distributed Pet technology solutions. As the second generation product, joined a group in the host out surveillance cameras, and to provide two-way audio and video interaction. For dog version also allows the host through the mobile phone remote hurl food, has been implemented and pet in video communication in the process of interaction and reward. For the need to strengthen and pet owners of the experience of the play 'Pebby' is a good choice. This scheme provides a pet game equipment based on the network connection, owners can through a remote control toy balls interact with pets. Unlike ordinary pet toys ball, this scenario internal integrates a high resolution camera, a laser beam, and provides a bluetooth and Wi Fi connection function. Owners can control house pets anywhere in the world, with a laser light stimulate the curiosity of pet, and under the perspective of the ball take pictures of the clear play instantly. Many pet owners worry that can't accompany their pets in their work, playing Pebby also offers a variety of unmanned automatic mode, let pet at home will not feel lonely. Obesity is also a problem, everybody CARES for pets need appropriate exercise to lose weight and regularity of time and energy into each day. 'The Little Cat' provides a way for people try, this scheme provides a iot technology make The Cat running machine, The built-in laser stimulate The Cat climbed up on a treadmill, running machine rotation. Built-in algorithms can provide a set of for cat tailor-made fitness plan, and control by mobile phones let host cat can also exercise while going out. As device manufacturers have to listen to and meet the needs of pet owners, iot wearable pet market will increase significantly. And the shenzhen free for dogs implanted electronic label, also will inevitably bring exemplary role to other cities, further drive the Internet of things technology such as RFID application in the field of pet, you think? return
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