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After the outbreak time | RFID power construction steadily push forward the wisdom of the hospital

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
In recent years, with the constant improvement of medical system, the extent of the hospital information construction is higher and higher. At present most hospitals are using HIS system, can be convenient information processing and improve the level of medical treatment. But when meet emergency, must immediately rescue patients, medical staff want to check in time to the patient's medical history and medication history, or it will delay the patient's best rescue period. Timely identify patients identity and position, drug inventory management, regulatory medicine cabinet storage, expensive medical monitoring equipment, and personnel control testing samples, and other functions with the help of the RFID technology can be realized, and effectively promote the prosperity and development of the medical enterprise. RFID mobile ward round - Quick access to patient information staff daily check, use with the function of RFID PDA, via a wireless network with HIS, LIS, PACS and EMR system such as information exchange, don't have to worry about one dimensional code/qr code can't identify because of wear and tear. Nurses according to the patients with RFID tags, 3 ~ 5 m distance to determine the identity, in carrying out orders at the same time realize drugs, dosage, etc confirmed, and the doctor's advice who perform, when the doctor's advice and patient signs such as data entry into HIS by PDA. Patient management - Hold patients go for senile patients, alzheimer patients or suspected patients of infectious diseases, need to know their whereabouts at any time and take care. Fixed RFID read-write device installed in the ward, building entrances, once the patient out of the scope of activities, reading, speaking, reading and writing into is not in conformity with the provisions of the label, will take the initiative to inform the nurse station. Drug management - When I get the medicine to drugs have a track record to identify get medicine personnel identity, drug information correctness and identification for drugs to be obtained, record every drug use, ensure drug safety. Material management - Say goodbye and material loss place consumable/drug room doorway RFID read-write equipment installation, real-time monitoring room consumable/drug. Docking hospital equipment/drug management system, managers through hand-held RFID reader can achieve in a short period of time long inventory, convenient test drug inventory quantity and the period of validity. Sample management - Drunbility, refused to take the place of RFID system for high dangerous substances or precious materials to track each clinical laboratory personnel distribution of RFID identification card on behalf of their own identity, through the RFID read-write device identification and confirmation of authorization to specimens removed from a storage cabinet in the or, at the same time record the identity of the person, time, operation sample and sample storage cabinets, to reduce waste of time by manual registration process to improve staff. Fabric management - To prevent secondary infection RFID washing label can be sewn directly on the braid and record, ward and textiles category information such as the department. RFID fixed, speaking, reading and writing device can be installed in the mail room, laundry room or fabric read RFID tags at the same time, according to the department to send and receive fabric. Can also use a handheld RFID read-write device for non-contact scanning inventory, not achieve open tank, not out of the box can accurately count the amount and type of medical fabric. return
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