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Air Asia center introduced RFID identification system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Air Asia center has pioneered the application of radio frequency identification system ( 无线电频率识别、射频识别) Vehicle identification tag for Hong Kong's first air cargo terminal is introduced into the innovative technologies applied to vehicle identification tag ( 外的) On. Through radio frequency identification (rfid) system, the overall pre-installed goods receiving process was simplified, can not only improve working efficiency and save time. Currently, in need of the goods the goods receiving pre-installed management system ( CMS) Monitoring and control system and system treatment group ( SCS) Enter goods information and copy the data on the vehicle identification tag. With the application of RFID technology in vehicle identification tag, simply enter the goods data in the system at a time, and the vehicle identification tag is the pre-installed on goods, RFID will check points ( 我- - - - - - point) Automatic identification information on the label, and check it. Overall, the system optimization of the whole of the pre-installed goods inspection procedures, each dealing with a pre-installed goods could be cut 45 seconds, bring more efficient receiving program for our customers. The application of RFID technology in vehicle identification tag can effectively reduce the human error, in order to ensure the accuracy of the data. Past years, the industry is generally use hand copy goods information on the vehicle identification tag, including the flight number, weight, appearance and destination, etc. With the application of computerized label printing and RFID technology, can guarantee the accuracy of the information on the label. Air Asia center general manager Mr Wen-chien ko said: 'we are very glad to be in 2016 brought another innovation service for the customer. The application of radio frequency identification (rfid) vehicle identification tag for the Hong Kong aviation hit a milestone. This system with our operation team, reliable goods with efficient service for our customer. 'To return to
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