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American college students to provide 'soda' unlimited drinks service based on RFID

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
On September 3, 2020, the United States Dixie, Utah state university faculty launched the beverage cans order function service area. More than a year ago, have lunch at Dixie state university, Mr Collins, Dixon, baker three students had an entrepreneurial ideas, its purpose is to let students, especially students drink carbonic acid beverage every day are more likely to buy soft drinks. The Fill the Drinks is the three students' creativity. The Fill the Drinks is a beverage order service, monthly fee 19. 99 dollars, can provide unlimited for subscribers use Coca-Cola beverage service. Mr Collins said, if someone is 'soda', at least a drink a day, then order service will make only about 60 cents per cup drinks. 'Cool things always have infinite possibility. 'Mr Collins and his two friends in Dixie state university campus Brooks' Stop convenience store held a family and school faculty party, and has carried on the ribbon-cutting ceremony, it marks the three people's efforts to have the results - — In a corner of the shop installed a Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. The machine can provide nearly 200 kinds of tastes, including brand of Coca-Cola soft Drinks and other health beverage options, such as vitamin water and equipped with a can read to Fill the Drinks order service RFID chip scanner. Label located at the bottom of the cup, so the RFID chip scanner can while they are below the place the cup into the machine easily read them. To get the machine, especially with the brand trademark machine is not easy. Dickson said: 'this is indeed a very difficult process, because the Freestyle machines is part of the franchise. 'They spent more than a year, finally obtained the Freestyle beverage distributor. Dickson said, adding that despite the three of them together, but I still have to sell their ideas to Coca-Cola, Dixie state university's business school, ha, the staff to help them achieve this goal. The beverage order service here another characteristic is that people can buy and use a reusable bottle, rather than the use of disposable cups. At present, in Brooks' Stop at the bottom of the can only use disposable cups with RFID tags. Dickson said, Fill the Drinks service will be provided by plastic retail price is about $15, and in the bottom of the bottle with permanent RFID tags. These bottles are still in production now. Although beverage subscription service was originally opened for demand of college students, but the service is open to the public. 'The only place people can use the service is currently college campuses Brooks' Stop. '' we to Fill the Drinks have very high expectations of the future. The way we think this kind of drink is really a part of life in the future. 'Mr Collins said:' now more than a year, we already know to do business need a lot of work. We also learned a lot. 'To return to
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