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Apple Pay will be paid for the new web page

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
As Apple's mobile payment service, Apple Pay are currently offline contactless payment and online applications in two kinds of usage patterns, the latest news, points out that expanding the scope of application of Apple is going to Pay Apple to the mobile web. The latest news, according to foreign media reports, Apple is planning a holiday shopping season this year, ahead of Apple to Pay increase support web payment functions. It is understood that some potential partners have learned Apple ApplePay expansion plans, the future users can use Apple in shopping website Pay Pay, be exempted from input account and card information. Though the specific technical details is not yet clear, but are now known to future Apple Pay web payment will support have Touch ID fingerprint identification function of iOS devices, and only use in Safari. Apple is expected to be held in June of this year's WWDC conference announced the plan, but may be delayed. At the same time, Apple would not rule out further in the future will Apple Pay open web payment functions to Mac equipment may be, but will be released announced support Mac devices is not sure now. Apple Pay to enter the page to Pay, for veteran like PayPal payment services provider, no doubt it is a challenge, after all, Apple users huge number, and ApplePay is really very convenient. For apple ApplePay about the new web payment function, what do you think? return
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