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Application of RFID technology in oil and gas industry

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
The oil and gas industry is a high-risk industry, once an accident, consequence is very serious. Oil and gas companies are to strengthen security work, the colleague industry with the regional government also set up feasible standards and best practices. The industry constantly improve the operation process, through the introduction of new technology to ensure the safety of the equipment well site operation and the safety of the employees. In recent years, many oil and gas companies began to introduce the RFID technology, standardize the production process, reduce the artificial error, improve data accuracy, in order to improve production safety. RFID can be used to mark key equipment, automatic tracking, security check records and repair data. Combined with sensors, RFID can be used to capture the main pipe, tubing and other devices on the pressure data security and other conditions. RFID can be used to record the life cycle of parts and equipment, and to the service life of the asset has reached its limit automatically generate an alarm to remind or need replacement. The main causes of industrial accidents is human error. RFID data collection through automation can reduce or eliminate human error, and can let the workers faster are more likely to be sure, record or read assets safety and maintenance information. In many cases, the inspection and maintenance of the paper and pencil case inspection record, this means that the error-prone. Report need to scan and classification, not only time-consuming, record is hard to count. RFID can avoid the manual input error and the necessity of input again. These benefits to save the time, and help to meet the requirements of compliance and audit. RFID can also be used for employee recognition in the well site or platform identification to verify everyone's identity helps to enhance security. These ID badges can also accelerate the set operations of an emergency or evacuation. return
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