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Armed police guns RFID system management implementation in automation and information technology controls

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Weapons and equipment automation management platform is in the surveillance zone, in and out of the real-time acquisition of guns carried by rf card information, and is tied with computer network, realizes the guns management information and management between the electronic data real-time transmission, 2. 4 g RFID armed police guns management implementation in automation and information technology controls. Police gun is a kind of special instruments, is very important for the management of police guns. In work loading and unloading, transport, storage, use of guns, carry, and returned to its effective monitoring and management in the various sectors. If the supervision does not reach the designated position, will bring significant security hidden danger to the state and society. RFID technology is applied to the armed police guns, guns used RFID monitoring ark real-time monitoring guns number, serial number and other information in the cupboard. Does management to the front of the police officers in gun recipients, recipients, using neutralization in return each link, the change to the real-time will gun is reported to the state to the system monitoring center. Is a kind of automatic identification technology, is a kind of effective technology supervision on guns access to network is an effective tool to track statistics management. 1 RFID gun control can solve the problem. Provide convenient guns recipients strict management mechanism; 2. The status of the real time control of the guns management, realize the management of information through way; 3. To solve the potential safety hazard caused by human factors; 4. From the technical means to curb misconduct from happening. Use 2 guns RFID electronic tag. 4 g active electronic tags, each label assigned a unique ID number, in the system associated with the serial number of guns, type, date of production and other information. RFID electronic tag guns use key binding on guns and prevent electronic tag and anomaly separation of guns or use the electronic tag removal using 3 m adhesive stick on the guns, once not authorized compulsory removal of alarm. The gun recipients of the approval process. When the police officer ( Allocate personnel identification card) When the gun, you need in the system application model of guns; Police officer review application system after distribution corresponding to guns, guns in the system are identified as conditions for recipients; Police identification CARDS into the warehouse recipients corresponding guns, guns not authorized officers or guns are not corresponding to recipients. On duty sentry guns surveillance management. Each branch system real-time itself system running status is sent to the remote center, identifying the current branch by the system center system is normal, or trigger the alarm. Guns real-time monitoring and management, warehouse is carrying out on duty sentry guns, guns are carrying out in shooting range monitoring management of management. Physical objects inserted a new 2 in guns. 4 g electronic tag, when the gun after entrance will be entrances and exits of RFID antenna, RFID antenna back to the read/write device for processing the information, realize the gun between management information and management of electronic data real-time transmission, make guns in automation and information technology. return
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