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Asking for chongqing T3A baggage sorting system 'black science and technology'

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Chongqing T3A baggage sorting system as the current domestic airport is one of the most advanced baggage sorting system, the total length reached 17 km, total more than 3000 sets of main equipment. T3A just end holiday, chongqing jiangbei airport terminal processed more than 140000 pieces of luggage, in the face of a large number of bags are perfectly send on each flight, thanks to T3A baggage sorting system of 'hidden' 'black' science and technology. In the past, because the baggage system processing capacity is limited, after the passengers to the airport in advance to wait until after the prescribed time to checked baggage, T3A baggage sorting system is designed for two to the storage system, there are more than 50 early storage line, the basic coverage throughout the day in early to baggage. This means that passengers on the same day as long as one can be at the airport will be checked baggage. T3A baggage sorting system is one of the biggest bright spot in the domestic first adopted open-loop RFID recognition technology, greatly improve the recognition rate of baggage sorting. In every piece of baggage conveyor line of sprue installation RFID channel, a total of 36 RFID channel, each RFID channel can achieve 360 - degree scan code. Checked baggage in T3A terminals, the staff will be in the luggage on a luggage, although appearance is consistent with the ordinary baggage article, tear TAB can be found 'industrial' - — Electronic chips. Passenger's luggage information was stored in the chip sensor identification. In addition, in a baggage sorting system 1 set of each wheel is 270 degrees of ATR station read the code, which can realize secondary reading code, compared to the previous bar identification technology, sorting accuracy is enhanced greatly. In addition to the 'black technology' rfid technology, T3A baggage sorting system also has the data query system and four query all-in-one, workers can live to check the flights to handle the baggage number and receive the baggage number and interpretation results, save the communication cost, improve the working efficiency. In baggage sorting system each link also has many cameras, on the one hand, is returned to the performance of the system real time dispatching center, on the other hand, is to record your luggage from the shipper to the boarding process, can make the staff to see what the situation, to avoid the lost luggage office. In the center of the scheduling, scheduling staff from time to time to see video monitoring to check baggage trajectory, added peace of mind and comfort for passengers; . Dispatch center can view real-time monitoring video back to the scene, in order to baggage sorting system for scheduling, to ensure the efficient operation of baggage sorting system. return
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