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Barcode card

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Bar code card contains code ( Article 39 bar code, 128 bar code, etc. ) And QR code, this is mainly related to the rules and standards of the code. Code rule is the main basis of identification code. Bar code consists of a set of rules, and its corresponding blank characters. The bar code such as daily commodity packaging is 39 bar code. Its information storage capacity of a code can only be stored, when used by the code number and access to a computer network. According to the development of QR codes in recent years, it can store more information in the limited space, including text, images, fingerprints, signature, etc. , and can not use a computer to use. At present, the common code has the following kinds: ( 39 bar code, bar code 128, 13 barcode, EAN codes, etc. ) Bar code card is very simple, ordinary barcode can be print or copy, in accordance with the requirements of the certain cost low, but the reader devices ( Especially the QR code reading device) More expensive. Compared with the magnetic card and IC card, barcode card information cannot be changed. In addition, security is poor, do not have a unified standard. All of these limits its application.
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