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Based on HCE cloud pay bus travel

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Recently, it was revealed the nanchang bus subway at home for the first time based on HCE cloud brush mobile payment technology's function, time has caused extensive concern of the industry. It is understood that the card on HCE cloud brush into the metro bus technology is based on HCE, card number and the key directly downloaded to mobile phones through the clouds, again by NFC mobile phone card simulation has been done not by credit card. As is known to all, unionpay and each big commercial bank launched against army swept yards flash pay 'cloud' is used in HCE technology, characterized by NFC mobile phones without hardware support SE security component, so the sense of sensitive information is stored within the cloud server or application, it is so HCE cloud flash need to be done under the condition of on line. Now some Banks launched HCE cloud flash pay, adopted a compromise way is not in the mobile phone to download the update regularly Token, using a Token can trading limited number of offline, after use will be connected to the Internet in a state of automatic updates, client will not have any Token card failure experience. Of course every bank Token update cycle and use are different. The bus HCE application using the same way, the Token is deadline for 24 hours, after use, the trigger updates. That is completely offline ( Mobile phone broken network) , to achieve an effective drive ( Card of bus, the subway in and out) 。 Use step just take out the mobile phone, light up the screen, and then close to the terminal which can complete the credit card. Becomes more and more popular nowadays, mobile network, the development is becoming more and more good, so consumer machine offline, mobile phone near real-time online environment, the design consideration of safety can be ensured, and can minimize the external environment. It is understood that as long as the android system in theory. 4. More than 2 NFC mobile phones will support this function, the other cloud card need to bind the bank card, through the bank card can online top-up, cloud card balance is lower than the minimum set by the user's own purse trigger automatically top-up. The relevant test is in progress, is expected to be launched in this month, when the nanchang friends can enjoy convenient to brush a mobile phone to take public transport, the experience of the subway. return
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