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Binhu coal mine using RFID intelligence means including pounds

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
'Empty and heavy vehicle intelligent weighing, department of pounds member from 4 to 2 people, more than double the daily shipment. 'Shandong energy date mining group of binhu coal mine as the intelligent pounds room renovation completed, workers on shipment link implements the effect. 'Before weighing system, low degree of automation, some links need manual operation, time-consuming to low efficiency. When coal sales season, look at the queues of coaler and upset them in my heart, to do. 'Said the mine coal marketing coco long Wei Jing, right now, since the complete intelligent pounds of housing renovation, all in and out of the tram automatic recognition, automatic card, automatic measurement, automatic hit single, the original two hours of live now for 1 hour can be finished. All in and out of the tram automatic recognition, automatic card it is understood that the mine intelligent pounds by RFID vehicle management, send IC card management, loadometer jins, loadometer remote monitoring system module composition and so on, by means of artificial intelligence, video capture, monitor positioning technology, implements the pounds room unattended remote intelligent metering. 'Before, we need 2 people sitting in pounds, each operation of empty into the heavy car out of the mining area and measuring equipment, 1 person to monitor the coal bunker, artificial intervention, the slip is inevitable, overweight warning occurs frequently, and can only work in overalls. Since completed intelligent pounds of housing renovation, I part from department of pounds into a supervisor, supervision in mining scheduling command center site delivery situation, one person can finish before 3 people work, good environment is on the other hand, the key is I from blue-collar white collar. 'The mine the original department of pounds member liu yi said happily. After transforming the mine intelligent pounds room according to enclosed, streamlined system management idea, in pounds, on the basis of measuring upgrade, the expansion of coal amount estimated amount, the loading check of coal, coal yard, regional positioning monitoring, supervision and management system such as sampling, design, according to dimensional anti-cheating by installing the past control, quantitative loading bunker, forklift scale measuring, electronic enclosures positioning, automatic alarm and so on more than 20 system for centralized monitoring module, realizes the vehicles from into the mine to the ore shipped all process controls, perfected the anti-cheating measures, make up for the deficiency of the artificial management, improve the efficiency of the ship. And through the Internet, the big data platform, multiple subsystems to resource integration, unified scheduling command center into the mine management, solves the data between multiple system independent of information island, coal shipped the whole process of the remote control is realized. Unattended and remote measuring 'coal shipments work information, streamline, closed management, not only improves the accuracy of shipment, to reduce the staff input, reduce the operation cost of the mine, and more standardized delivery standard, let the shoddy, the phenomenon such as real ones, practice favoritism nowhere to hide. 'The mine mine Deng Tao said. return
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