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Block chain security traceability to the highest safety standards

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Abstract: by the state administration of market supervision and management, the national standardization management committee, the national security standardization technology committee, China association of anti-counterfeiting, companies such as baidu drafted the anti-fake traceability verification based on mobile Internet general technical conditions 'national standard released baidu super chain innovation put forward' RFID + block chain 'the combination of form, to save scan history and results of RFID to block in the chain, and gives a definition to block chain related interactive mode, was eventually adopted. In the standard is put forward, in order to guarantee the safety of the roots, block chain technology can be used for anti-fake data information such as the witness, the block chain anti-counterfeiting traceability is placed on the level of security level - A The highest standards and anti-counterfeiting security verification traced to experimental method in the general technical conditions of link, you can use the block chain security inspection technology. Is put forward at the same time, the standard block the implementation of the chain in the field of anti-counterfeiting traceability requirements, including storage function component selection and should have the function of a relational database, the standard of block chain chain and query demand on the network construction, and operating elements are specified. In addition, the standard chain service provider should have acquired the block chain related competent authorities block chain information service for the record, and adhere to block chain service regulators to formulate and publish the supervision and management measures. Anti-counterfeiting traceability standard issued by the application of block chain in the field of anti-counterfeiting roots made clear requirements, it is also the first time block chain into the anti-fake traceability class national standard, push block chain applications into a new milestone in the field of security. It is reported, this standard will come into effect on October 1. return
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