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Blockbuster! Qualcomm is expected to be $30 billion acquisition of the 10th NXP chip factory

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Of the sophisticated semiconductor industry to reviving blockbuster acquisition, foreign media reported, qualcomm is expected to be announced in the near future to buy grace wisdom pu ( NXP) 。 News from always on and quickly, the Wall Street journal, reported that the current progress is, qualcomm with NXP to negotiate details, amount, is expected to exceed $30 billion. NXP freescale acquisition agreement with Japan last year, the industry said that the 'new NXP', according to the first half revenue ranking, NXP is the tenth largest semiconductor company in the world, leading mediatek and infineon. NXP is a very famous chip design and manufacturing company ( Fabs) , such as in quite a number of smartphones, its key chip, and so on NFC/USB/amplifier module comes from its. It is worth mentioning that in June this year, the Dutch NXP has its standard products business ( Provide similar logic devices, MOSFET and other discrete component) In order to 27. The price of $500 million sold to the Chinese consortium to build wide capital. At the same time, $30 billion is expected to be close to or even above semiconductor history a biggest acquisition, namely higher than Singapore anwar last year ( Avago) Broadcom 37 billion dollars. Accelerated significantly in the last two years, the semiconductor industry integration, such as Intel spent $103. 5 billion in cash, won Altera Altera) , qualcomm last year hit billions swallow CSR, in the first nine months of this year, the acquisition has nearly 20, such as softbank acquired ARM, ADI buy-outs Linear, Microchip Atmel, renesas bought Intersil, Murata, acquisition of SONY's industrial battery department, etc. return
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