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Bradesco and Claro will start the NFC payment in Brazil

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Mobile network operators Claro and Brazil Braadesco will be one of the largest Banks in the first half of this year in Sao Paulo, commercial launch NFC mobile payment service, the move will be rolled out across the country, there will be 85 customers millions of consumers. Giesecke&Devrient will provide Claro and Bradesco use TSM platform, will also offer Claro SkySIM CX SIM card ( Used to store the Visa and MasterCard account details) Software and its SmartTrust Portigo mobile wallet. The product will be installed in the new Claro NFC mobile phone, you can download by existing NFC mobile owners. Then, customers will be able in Brazil has 200000 can be any of contactless payment point-of-sale NFC payment. Giesecke&Devrient Carsten Ahrens says: 'based on NFC technology through the use of mobile payment services, laid the foundation for the whole of Latin America in Brazil. '' we are very glad to have this opportunity for our two partners to provide a safe overall concept. 'Luo had cooperation with other three airlines in Rio DE janeiro pilot NFC transit ticketing services. Bradesco operator Vivo cooperation with Spain's telefonica has also developed a NFC, and in June 2013 in Rio DE janeiro and Sao Paulo with TIM telecom company for NFC pilot.
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