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British development equipped with inertial sensors and RFID intelligent football to oversee foul

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
According to foreign media reports, rugby is a relatively easy to appear chaotic scenes of sports events, and sometimes it's hard to judge when the foul. Now a British company has developed a new intelligent football, it is equipped with record the movement of the sensor. Adjust weight equipment hardware comprised of london-based sports Sportable development technology company, and combining to the UK manufacturer of ball made in Gilbert. Intelligent sensor in football including inertial measurement unit ( The combination of the accelerometer and gyroscope and magnetometers) And temperature sensors. These tools and other tools to provide data as well as the position of the ball and the direction, travel distance and height, the acceleration and the revolution of up to 600 RPM. This information is through the radio frequency identification ( RFID) Technology transfer from the ball, and by the side of receivers - Each player is also wearing a RFID tags, so also can track their movement and location. As a result, can quickly and accurately determine whether happened such as forward through foul. In addition, the coaches can use this system to evaluate the performance of the players, passing distance measurement, or playing net-balls suspended in the air, the length of time. The system in London last year RugbyX championships in the trial - success The competition is very suitable as a test platform for the technology. return
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