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Cap lock security label with RFID technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Schreiner MediPharm headquartered in Germany is a global health care industry innovation functional label solutions suppliers, has enhanced its tampering with obvious Cap - professional tag The Lock, the use of special RFID inlay. In advance in order to help the hospital to expand digital plan fill syringe label and cap security concepts are now realizing the automatic inventory and supply chain management, as well as digital open instructions for the first time. In this process, the new Cap - The Lock plus RFID solution provides efficient and reliable product certification and enhance patient safety. The injector of a liquid medicine containing the RFID tag injection is a challenge, because the container material and liquid composition is likely to be damaging to the UHF RFID tag reads. From the container to highlight the logo label is often used for this purpose. However, these often require additional space, easy to tear up, must be applied manually. 帽, The Lock plus RFID chip integration in the label. Caps lock is a combination of cap adapter and label. The top of the adapter is placed in the main switch of the injector, and the mutual connection, to balance the injector body and closing the diameter of the differences. Label wrapped around the needle cylinder and needle cap adapter, once opened, because the whole perforation, can provide irreversible tampering with evidence. The RFID inlay located in the upper label, therefore, it is mainly located in fluid-filled areas, so as to be able to reliable remote reading. Due to the function of RFID, in addition to the previously destroyed label providing pure visual sign of opening for the first time, the digital open evidence is now possible for the first time. RFID tags can be as the main part of the normal marking the workflow container for automatic processing. In the automation of inventory and supply chain management, in order to real-time monitor and control the logistics of material and product process, can be in each site to automatically syringe data with RFID tags. By reading the selection and placement of products, the current inventory information consistently stored in the database. In addition, the integrity of the container, for the first time opened or tampered with RFID tags can develop digital surveillance. In the drug management, storage of data on the RFID tag ( Such as product name, manufacturer, batch number and expiration date) Can be read separately, also can use simple handheld or special reader reads the lot or batch size, and matching with the database. Which can accurately track inventory, and to provide transparency lost or close to the expiration date of drugs. This helps to protect patients from potential medication errors. return
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