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China Eastern airlines will be fully launched in Shanghai baggage RFID technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
As ShuYun began in July, China Eastern will at its main base in Shanghai hongqiao and pudong international airport, and comprehensive online baggage RFID technology, effectively improve passenger baggage accurate delivery and instant query, with science and technology innovation to ensure ShuYun peak. In the summer of civil aviation transportation between 7 and 8 for two months, China Eastern airlines flight plan execution of more than 160000 flights, year-on-year growth of 5. 3%. To safeguard ShuYun peak China Eastern fleet. China Eastern airlines for RFID, radio frequency identification ( 无线电频率识别) , is a kind of communication technology, no mechanical or optical contact, can through the radio signal to identify specific targets and to read and write data. Based on RFID technology article of luggage and baggage tracking system all the way, is the international civil aviation baggage management one of the most advanced technology, compared with optical scan code mode, such as faster and more efficient. Passengers can also be through the 'China Eastern airlines' WeChat small procedures, convenient to track the status of the checked baggage. Cea in January 28, in the domestic civil aviation, enabling the first RFID baggage all-the-way tracking system in the hongqiao - in the first place Wuhan flights online, then gradually popularized. As this year ShuYun cea two full-scale implementation of RFID in the main base of Shanghai, will benefit from more passengers. During this year, in addition to the on-line new technology, ShuYun, China Eastern airlines also will further increase the capacity delivery, improve the service of each link, ensure passenger travel. Large passenger flow has gradually since the end of June, will further peak in July. Figure ShuYun cea for domestic markets, China Eastern airlines is expected to focus on passenger flow will be on July 10 to August 15, Shanghai, Qingdao, hangzhou, nanjing, zhangjiajie, taiyuan, hailar, lijiang, Dali, kunming, chengdu, dalian, xi 'an, urumqi, lanzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, shantou and other cities are popular destinations, China Eastern will actively increase large passenger security in these directions, and plan new yantai - Hefei, yantai - Mudanjiang, yantai - Changbai mountain, hefei - Xining, hefei - Ordos, hefei - Changbai mountain, fuzhou - Zhengzhou, xining - Yiwu, yinchuan - Zhengzhou, xi 'an Kuqa, xi 'an - Dehong, kunming - Lijiang - Chongqing - Yantai domestic routes, etc. During the outbound tourism market, China Eastern airlines increased ShuYun Shanghai pudong - Japan's direction Komatsu, toyama, kagoshima, Nagasaki, Okinawa, such as flight routes, each week Japan line is expected to increase airport on 22 class. China Eastern airlines also plans in large aircraft to perform the pudong district of Shanghai to Hong Kong, Taipei, incheon, gatwick routes, such as encryption Shanghai pudong to Chiang mai, Jakarta route, etc. In addition, China Eastern airlines will also at this year's ShuYun new Qingdao - Paris, Qingdao - Dubai, wuhan - Mandalay, wuhan - Yangon, xi 'an - Dubai, xi 'an Phuket, dalian - Kitakyushu international routes, etc. Data showed that 7 - this year In August, China Eastern airlines international routes the overall delivery of capacity rose 8. 7%, including Europe, America, Australia grew long airline capacity of 7. Grew 5%, Japan airline capacity of 10. 6%, compared with 14 south Korean airline capacity. Grew 8%, southeast Asia routes capacity of 7. 4%. ShuYun this year, China Eastern will in the main base of Shanghai hongqiao, Shanghai pudong two big airport to further promote the self-support service, vigorously promote self-service check-in endorse, self-help, self-help baggage, self-help transit, etc. , to reduce the passenger waiting time. China Eastern at Shanghai pudong international airport launched 'tong cheng flight', has been implemented in 37 domestic sites, 32 between regional and international site via pudong transit two-way radiation. ShuYun this year, China Eastern airlines will also continue to new comprehensive tong cheng site in pudong airport, let the more transit passengers in pudong hub transfer when enjoy the luggage to the final destination, connecting need not extract baggage brought convenient. return
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