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China southern airlines guangzhou outbound flights article comprehensively using RFID baggage

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
High-tech baggage article 'girl' in an all-round way. September 1, China southern airlines in T2 terminal baggage in guangzhou, fully operational, radio frequency identification ( RFID) Luggage, to further advance the baggage transport the whole process of 'controlled'. Can automatically identify multiple electronic tags at the same time as we have learned, the principle of RFID baggage article is using RFID radio frequency identification technology, the biggest characteristic is through the radio signal automatically identify target and reading and writing data, without identification system and establish a mechanical or optical contact between specific objectives. Article compared to the widely used optical luggage, the reading is high, stable recognition, repeatable write information, such as obvious advantages, especially in high speed sorting system, RFID technology can automatically identify multiple electronic tags at the same time, article luggage even defiled, etc. , also does not affect the normal data read. According to introducing, due to limited to stand outside the facilities, the current article baggage RFID recognition only covers China southern airlines in guangzhou T2 terminal check-in luggage collector, baggage sorting, the guangzhou transit and other key nodes. In the future, China southern will use RFID recognition technology to increase the baggage under slit tracking, sorting baggage loading, machine loading and unloading, and luggage arrived at key nodes, such as further enrich 'luggage' data acquisition and application, promote baggage 'controlled'. Joe run Li Kequan process tracking according to the staff of the China southern airlines, as early as in July 2018, China southern airlines took the lead in the guangzhou hub transfer comprehensive use RFID tags on their luggage, the transfer luggage in sorting system with RFID baggage tags read the code of the success rate of more than 98%, a 18% increase in relatively pure optical luggage. With China southern airlines hub in guangzhou daily, Li Yao 1. 30000 pieces of computing, the use of the RFID baggage tag, the average daily can reduce 2340 require human recognition of luggage again, save manpower cost, improving the quality of transfer baggage. At present, China southern airlines steadily push forward the whole process tracking service site luggage, is now in guangzhou, shenzhen, urumqi, chongqing, wuhan, shenyang, dalian, Harbin, xi 'an, Beijing, changsha, nanning, guilin, hongqiao and pudong, zhengzhou, zhuhai, guiyang, Los Angeles, London 20 terminal opened checked baggage whole process tracking service, both at home and abroad, accumulated 82 routes, daily more than 500 flights cover this feature, as more baggage passengers to provide quality service experience. RFID baggage article in the guangzhou hub of comprehensive promotion use, will further promote the checked baggage whole process tracking service level, let the passengers feel more real-time, the wisdom of more convenient travel experience. return
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