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China unionpay cooperation with millet announced deepen the NFC mobile payment

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
On April 21 news, China mobile payment industry pattern of mature, development speed, enough to let the envy of many developed countries. Especially in the case of mobile payment, alipay, WeChat payments, Apple Pay payment, etc. In the face of the big cake, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers nature will not sit still. Following the recently announced huawei and China unionpay to depth cooperation, China unionpay was announced today and millet company agreed to deepen the NFC mobile payment business cooperation. Agreed upon under the unionpay standard and standard system, based on the millet mobile phone terminal joint launch mobile payment product design, and the product, should Pay is rumoured millet. Millet, chairman and CEO lei jun says, millet is committed to let users find products to use, improve the activity and sustainability. Lei jun appreciates unionpay paid by leading industry's achievements, recognition technology based on NFC mobile payment products is one of the safest, most convenient payment options, is also one of the important direction of future mobile phones. Language towards China unionpay President, said the two sides in including mobile payment, intelligent terminal, and so on, all kinds of business and products have a lot of opportunities, the development of mobile payment is a firm goal, unionpay unionpay and parties to the joint development of mobile payment industry formed a consensus, willing to together with the domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as joint millet. Previously, China unionpay and millet mobile phone has been based on unionpay flash pay 'cloud' to carry out a series of cooperation, millet 3 meters, 5 meters, etc all can be used more phone unionpay HCE flash pay 'cloud'. The future both sides will further strengthen communication and collaboration, in aspects such as product development, marketing, brand cooperation form resultant force, improve the user experience together, enlarges the market and industry development. Observe iot products currently on the market can be found, department stores, websites and even hypermarket with life related products, you can see many people predicted that is a wave of the future economy, but high standard information between common difficulty also make products, and seriously hampering the market acceptance. If we can integrate resources, promote to develop compatibility specification, and even open source, so the future billions of devices, including equipment, mobile phone, computer, industrial equipment and other things can get from other manufacturers of LianWangZhan clear communication with each other. return
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