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Combined with RFID technology will better manage power assets

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
As the level a lot of life, life electric appliance more and more diversified, to ensure the safe has been the important infrastructure of the people's livelihood. Grid assets management is an important guarantee of the safe, ensure all power assets life cycle management in maintenance. Let more suitable for modern city electric power demand. Non-contact RFID technology, remote, automatic data collection information to implement changes on asset information transmission and feedback in time, make power assets and total life cycle management in each stage of the physical information real-time transmission data processing. RFID technology for power assets life cycle management visualization, information technology, efficient management platform is established. In the electric power equipment asset management, the application of automatic identification technology mainly includes the fixed assets management, assets life cycle track and equipment inspection maintenance. Among them, the radio frequency identification system is introduced in the fixed assets management and the use of hand-held terminals, had better be to support wireless data communication, not only can greatly improve the work efficiency, save labor costs, also can avoid the inevitable in artificial investment all kinds of errors. , make the enterprise can more accurately grasp the configuration of the inventory and fixed assets. Pay more and more attention to the supervision of assets, the enterprise's capital operation is more and more frequent, this is especially important, for electric power asset management, RFID technology is more convenient. Inspection and maintenance of equipment, fixed assets, inventory and asset tracking in whole life cycle management, RFID technology will provide better information acquisition, real-time understanding of equipment inspection, maintenance, operation state, found hidden dangers ahead in time, to avoid the hidden trouble to develop into failure leads to a greater loss. Inspection personnel after discovering equipment hidden danger, need to be related to the timely, accurate, clear and complete report, the relevant departments will be arranged according to the report provided by the information maintenance personnel to repair, eliminate the hidden trouble. Grid asset tracking management on the basis of physical signs on site using RFID handheld acquisition terminal information acquisition, RFID handheld acquisition terminal set with anti-interference, read and write distance, stability, reliability and other factors. RFID technology to grid provides information on the assets security management automation collection, through the RFID electronic tag binding power asset information, collection of RFID read-write device of RFID electronic tag information storage, contactless batch read and data transmission. Daily operations of the RFID electronic tag data, realize the dynamic tracing management of equipment, eliminate the difficulties of asset management, blind spots and obstacles, achieve precise positioning of equipment assets management, its application in the field of asset management will have a very good prospect, and the resulting high efficiency and economic benefits. Electric power equipment asset management, RFID automatic identification technology in the whole life cycle of fixed asset management, asset tracking and equipment inspection and maintenance play a very important role. Greatly improve work efficiency, save labor costs, avoid all kinds of faults in inventory. RFID technology more accurate understanding of the fixed assets inventory and distribution. Equipment inspection and maintenance for equipment condition maintenance management, inventory and fixed assets and tracking assets life cycle management is different. Due to the changes of state assets, it is closely related to the entire life cycle track. Equipment maintenance purpose is to check the running status of equipment found hidden danger in time, and early treatment, prevent hidden trouble to develop into fault, caused great losses. After inspectors found equipment hidden trouble, should be timely, accurate, clear, complete report. The information provided by the relevant departments according to the report, arrange maintenance personnel of equipment for repair, eliminate hidden dangers. Power assets management because of the number, amount is large, updates faster, management on how fast to accurately reflect the changes in a timely manner. RFID technology will be for electric power sector asset management more convenient. RFID technology to electric power industry is indispensable role! return
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