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Comedy central through RFID wristbands for visitors to provide personalized interaction

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Only 3 hours away from Toronto, national center for comedy is a sitcom, stand-up comedy and a paradise for all lovers of comedy. In the recent 100 new attractions, the magazine will be rated as one of 'the greatest places in the world'. In addition to the USA today readers as 'best new attractions', it has even been the United States congress appointed as American comedy cultural institutions. The shiny new buildings with more than 50 items, including the various periods of the famous comedian hologram, famous works and some precious exclusive collection. From late night comedy to the slapstick, from early variety to the latest pop culture, from white and black comedy to modern adult comedy, a total of more than 50 immersive display, show on the comedy of the world's greatest thoughts and unique voice at the same time, try to explore the impact of comedy's impact on social life. The national center for comedy also combines many high-tech means, to create immersive experience for visitors. For example, when the visitors arrived at comedy central, they will receive a RFID wristbands. Wearing the wrist strap can help visitors to create the image of 'humour', visitors can experience the comedy central exhibition area highly personalized custom travel. These unique collection and combination of cutting-edge technology, visitors can experience the fun of comedy in the history of the interaction of the journey, at the same time make the visitors can more in-depth understanding of the comedian and comedy history.
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