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Content networking bank will play three roles in the future

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
In recent days, the transformation of the financial sector have become a hot issue of government agencies. Geared to the needs of era of the Internet of things, the future of China's financial sector will be what kind of scenery? Tomorrow the bank will be what kind of? We and the relationship between money and what will happen to change? Well-known consultants accenture ( 埃森哲咨询公司) Think that the Internet of things will provide the bank a lot of data and data as the core of customer insight. Banks will be able to provide advice and services, the future of 'Internet bank' could describe the following two scenarios: situation 1:19 years and ready to drive home from the office work in Tokyo, Japan, sato discovered by the dashboard warning lights are flashing, she wondered how to sent to check the car repair, and then could face costly repairs. At that time, mobile phone messages from the bank. Original bank already know her car out of the question, take the initiative to provide her with the two mechanics offer and can make an appointment time, also do recommendations for repair the source of the funds. Bank suggested that she, can reduce 6 months holiday fund saving, move the money to pay for the repair costs. Scene '21 years, new south wales, Australia for more than 100 years, John Martin's family has been growing wheat in the farm. Around the farm each corner of the sensor is monitoring the operation of the various details, including soil, fertilization and crop environment, animal health, and even John at the use of trucks and agricultural equipment. John through these data more properly manage their own farm, and his bank is using the same data, assess the value of assets and farm equipment, predict the possible output, and constantly adjust to John's loan funds accordingly. Actually these scenarios are not completely is predicted, and some pictures have been appeared on earth. Turkey guarantee bank ( Garanti Bank) Is the second largest private bank, Turkey's main business includes pension, life insurance, leasing, factoring, brokerage and asset management. In Turkey, which has 936 branches and 12 million clients. Now, the bank has launched a program called 'iGaranti' mobile application service ( 应用程序) 。 From master customers in all kinds of consumer finance behavior data, for the customer to send a variety of favorite products preferential information saving countermeasures, and from the customer consumption estimation for its account at the end of the balance. Internet bank is already began to try a crow, also shows the iot for finance brings the enormous potential. In the next decade, the world will have at least 20 billion sensors on the Internet of things, from home appliances to the machines in the factory, even crops and livestock. Each sensor will provide stability and a large amount of data, for Banks, the Internet will provide unprecedented large amounts of data and data as the core of customer insight. No matter in the face of personal or business, the bank can provide to the customer and its content is closely related to daily life insight, advice, product or service. From the point of view, the development of Internet banking in the future, will play the following three roles: one, the consultant: offers advice, meet customers' various financial needs. Platform: with the enterprise alliance, provide all kinds of high value-added services to attract customers. Three, network, and various service supplier network series into a larger network, is there a bank across a positioning and existing business model. So, the future Internet bank's three key competitiveness will be: binding force: with all the partners of the industrial ecosystem was closely hand in hand, life will be integrated into products and services customers. Such as with other financial services, mobile payment business, government, telecommunications companies, even convenience store. To gain insight into customer insight: through data analysis, and provide complete, personalized customer experience. Strategy: integrate the internal and external channel of new developed mutually close relation network, improve the business strategy. Under the push of the Internet of things, the customers of the bank apparently become more picky, service for Banks will be more looking forward to it. 'Internet bank' under the impetus of the large data flow, not only can predict customer needs, also can respond to customer changing situations, and provides the corresponding solutions. In short, in the era of Internet of things, the bank will become consultants, service providers and resource platform such as one role of life. return
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