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Decathlon launched China's first retail RFID inventory machine

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Decathlon's investment in the development of RFID inventory on October 16th the robot of artificial intelligence, the world's largest integrated sports goods retail group - — Decathlon France announced that will be the first China international import expo. The decathlon group together with its research and development, design, production, logistics, retail and other industry chain brands and subsidiaries, at service trade exhibition, display the decathlon in sports popularization and new retail technology innovation intelligence solutions, including at the conference to launch the first RFID ( Radio frequency identification technology) Count the robot of artificial intelligence. RFID inventory robot 'di bao' : with the four 'China's first' decathlon was founded in 1976 in lille, France is the world's largest comprehensive sporting goods retail group. 'China is the most important market decathlon, not one. 'This is a founder of decathlon of assessment for the Chinese market. Decathlon into China since the 1990 s, opened in Shanghai in 2003 Asia's first entity shop, has over 100 cities in China store layout about 300 entities. At present, the decathlon greater China headquarters is located in the pudong district of Shanghai, with multinational company headquarters. The reporter understands, China is gradually become a new retail decathlon global transformation and development innovation, the Chinese market more and more to the group's global technology incubation function. The import expo, decathlon has brought the new RFID inventory robot - — 'Di bao'. According to introducing, 'di bao' is decathlon's investment in the development of the robot of artificial intelligence, will apply to the entity stores within the scene, using RFID technology and artificial intelligence, to realize automatic whole category products inventory. 'Di bao' have no lamp automatic counting, autonomous navigation and map scanning, real-time update electronic maps, and other functions, and to support customer self-service navigation, interactive service functions such as service description and self-help unmanned checkout. For a long time, the entity stores various types of products in large number, shelf adjustment frequently plagued by problems such as automatic counting technology development and promotion in the entity retail, 'di bao' the birth of overcome the above problem. In addition, the 'di bao' also implements the four 'China's first' : is China's first retail RFID inventory machine, China's first commercial RFID nobody no lamp automatic inventory digital test cases, China for the first time in retail application of autonomous navigation and map scanning update technology at the same time, China for the first time in retail with visual sensor fusion depth and double laser 360 - degree laser navigation and obstacle avoidance technology. The reporter understands, at present, the 'di bao' is located at the waigaoqiao decathlon Asian experience shop test, will be held on November 7 at the scene of the import expo world debut and induction ceremony ''. Since then, 'di bao' will become the decathlon world's first robot employees. According to the plan, by the end of this year, Shanghai 21 entity stores will be put into use RFID inventory robot, 2020 will promote to decathlon entity stores across the country. Launch decathlon type 'second reading' cashier pudong Asian experience store first to cover in addition to bring China's first retail RFID inventory machine, in the end of the shopping process of cashier, decathlon RFID independent cashier system to import expo, the audience can decathlon on-site experience type 'second reading' cashier function. Consumers just put the goods into the self-service checkout basket, the machine can automatically identify, and complete the payment. None of the other and self-help cashier is slightly different, on the self-service checkout of decathlon, customers don't need one by one manually scan, but put all the products in RFID reader box, can be done once read and valuation. This system to improve efficiency of cashier, by 20%, increase efficiency for inventory. Currently, located at the waigaoqiao decathlon experience shop is the first in Asia for 100% self-help pay the cashier entity shopping malls, goods 100% covering the RFID technology. The solution has been decathlon entity stores throughout the country formally introduced and stable operation. Decathlon said: confidence in China's indigenous innovation and r&d group, will continue to increase investment plan. return
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