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Do you know a handheld function of UHF RFID reader?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
At present, the handheld RFID reader is widely used in logistics industry. Many people shopping on the Internet often seen at the hands of Courier. With the concept of Internet of things, handheld UHF RFID reader is applied in more and more industry. For many industry has contributed to the work efficiency and service improvement, then, UHF handheld reader can be applied in the field of which, you know? UHF handheld reader is a radio frequency identification technology combined with related software platform, realization and optimization of goods and personnel data management device. Shenzhen Goldbridge at present in the production of several main HF/UHF handheld reader, in the clothing retail, luxury goods management, library, storage, manufacturing, asset management, personnel recognition and financial aspects, there are many successful cases. Through the different function module can meet various requirements. Laser scanning head module, which can realize a one-dimensional scanning function. In addition to the function of the traditional barcode gun, it also implements the preliminary data processing function. In traditional industry, more use of one dimensional code scanning. Hardware modules: quick scan qr code. Compared with the camera scans, it possesses the advantages of high speed and high precision. QR codes have more than one dimensional code information storage space. UHF modules: remote 900 MHZ RFID UHF, speaking, reading and writing functions. After years of R & D personnel of unremitting efforts, has achieved 7 meters long distance, speaking, reading and writing. RFID read-write module: the uniqueness of the use and easy to read and write functions, implement project management, personnel identification, a series of functions such as data acquisition. Fingerprint identification and many other functions such as temperature detection. I'm not repeat here. Uhf handheld reader technology development and innovation is the responsibility of shenzhen Goldbridge as Internet enterprise, through the different module implements different combinations. This functionality to meet the needs of different customers, is also a research oriented production company, shenzhen Goldbridge in the industry take the lead to achieve the uhf and one-dimensional scanning, breaking the all-in-one, and continue to pursue new technology breakthrough in the field of handheld reader.
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