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Do you know the function of RFID animal ear mark?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
RFID for pig ear BiaoYong recognition, facilitate from breeding to slaughter and the sales follow-up the whole process of quarantine inspection. Electronic tag is mainly used in animal husbandry and aquaculture animal. In the pig industry on cannot easily fixed and disassembled. You cannot mark consists of two parts: the main and auxiliary parts. Given the current state in order to promote pig pork, and other information management and food traceability management efforts. You cannot mark as the front end of the whole management system - Pig best records and information collection methods, mass adoption. Through the electronic ear logo don't function, the state can track and monitor sales to consumers, from birth to the slaughter, the whole process of the final consumption of animals. For animal disease control electronic ear tag can management of each animal's ears and its types, sources, production performance, immune status, health status, owner information and other information. Once appear, epidemiology and animal product quality problem, you can back, Back) Sources, distinguish responsibility, plug holes, so as to realize the scientization of animal husbandry, institutionalization, enhancing the management level of animal husbandry. Is advantageous to the production safety electronic ear tag is clear recognition and a large number of animal management excellent tool in detail. Through the electronic ear tag, breeding enterprise can discover hidden danger in time, and quickly to take corresponding control measures, to ensure safety in production. Improve the management level of farm in livestock management, individual animals ( The pig) Identification in the form of a manageable ear mark. For each animal ( The pig) Assigning a unique code of ear tag, so as to realize the recognition of individual's unique. Applied to the pig's ear tag primary record number and number of piggery farm, pigs to data such as the number. On every pig pig ear tag, realize the recognition of the pig individual unique, daily information management, such as material management, immunization management, disease management, management of death, weighing management, drug management and slaughter. Pigs can be done through hand-held devices to read and write. Promote national safety regulation of animal by-products of pig electronic ear tag to carry for life. Through the electronic code, it can be traced back to the pig production, purchase, slaughtering, pork sales. If it is in the form of processing cooked food sold to dealers, it will be recorded in the final. This recognition is conducive to hit a series of selling disease die pork pork and participants, supervise the safety of animal products, ensure that people have healthy pork.
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