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Don't touch 丨 POS machine and sweep code gun, using mobile phones to touch tags can pay?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Yes! You heard me! This collection artifact ( Receiving label) Long such left merchants need stick ta sweep when customer payment in addition to code at the checkout counter payment use cell phones to touch it, then, can pay! ! ! Merchants friends have to say is it safe? I have been gathering qr code please give me a reason has the 'touch'! 好的! Please pick up the recruit model of payment security' Collection 】 Tamper-proof, prevent copying, based on the unique business information protection mechanisms, let the merchants gathering more safety. When you meet the daub, shade and scratched the function of receiving label will not be affected oh ~ 【 Payment 】 Customers to use unlock light screen, before payment security verification, using fingerprints or face to double pay to safety. Low cost low don't POS without code gun, receiving label low cost low, save for you. But he is a simple collection label. This collection tag on unionpay latest payment technology, embedded in the merchant accepts the labeling NFC tags store merchant information, sticker inside the sensing chip has a unique business information protection mechanism, when the phone to quickly read the business information, to touch. You do not have the static qr code scan code to pay 500 yuan limit daily allowance of 500 yuan, while touch to pay is not affected by this limit. Small sweep with yards, large touch, a receiving label is done, is perfect! * the actual return payment limit depends on the institutional setting
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