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Electronic label card help shenzhen to optimize traffic

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
The car as long as the electronic label card can realize the right-of-way. On August 15, shenzhen traffic police bureau spokesman feng yi new announced that the future of electronic label card will cover the city for a month 1. More than 30000 buses. According to introducing, shenzhen traffic police in the new city road, the 13 shennan avenue road intersection of 36 direction to build the bus priority system, has been covering the futian, nanshan and yantian, longgang, longhua five boroughs. Just install electronic tag card on August 1, 500 buses in the trial period. How to implement priority electronic label card? Shenzhen traffic police bureau and technology research institute, deputy director of the Zeng Linggen tells a reporter, installed the automobile electronic identification bus entering the intersection, automotive electronic identity induction device can send traffic priority order, red or green real-time adjustment. It is understood that if the buses are up crossing the green light at the end, a green light will be automatically extended 1 - 8 seconds, to ensure that the bus passed by without a stop. If the bus where is in the red light, green light will be 8 seconds to start ahead of schedule, in order to ensure that enter the intersection of bus in the shortest waiting time by road. Zeng Linggen, said electronic identity realization of bus priority is not confined to the peak in the morning and evening, also includes a flat peak period. 'At the moment is the scope of electronic label card recognition you about 70 meters, the next step will be installed in key vehicles in the city. 'Priority of efficiency? According to shenzhen traffic police, according to monitoring data of two weeks for each intersection on an average day can provide priority for more than 300 trains buses, don't stop every time priority per car line, can reduce at least 34 seconds ( People May 26 seconds) treasure 42 seconds, Red light waiting time, reduce the bus waiting time 10200 seconds a day on average, the cumulative save 2. 8 hours, relative to driving, bus traffic advantages highlighted. Treasure the people at longhua new district avenue road, the reporter saw right-of-way equipment has been enabled. Bus group, the driver master zhu told reporters, after installed electronic identification of vehicle is very smooth, especially in the morning and evening peak period. 'Usually a 3 - traffic can go Four cars, vehicles can go now. 'City traffic police bureau, said the next step will enlarge the service range of priority, and further expand the scope of road construction and service of public green low carbon travel at the same time, make life relief channel, with 120 first aid system for docking, for an ambulance and other specific vehicles installed with characteristics of special life rescue automotive electronic identity, to give priority. Chef chu said that after installed the electronic label card vehicle is very smooth, especially in the morning and evening peak period. return
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