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Electronic tag bright light system, how to become a way of picking the best choice?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, electronic tags lights on the picking system is gradually spreading, has been in the retail department stores, large supermarkets, medical field in picking way in various industries, such as widely used. Electronic tag light picking system is a kind of auxiliary paperless picking system, its principle is by means of installation on the shelf every position of electronic display device instead of picking orders, using the program to transmit the order information to the control of electronic tags, guide picking correctly, quickly and easily complete picking work, picking complete press the confirm button after picking work. At this stage of picking, the voice has chosen, RF scanning lights, electronic label each have advantages and disadvantages, which lights have chosen because of its flexible picking order processing and field process control, real-time control, high return on investment, etc, are favored by numerous small and medium-sized enterprise, and can reduce the picking error rate, improve the efficiency of picking, save human resources, reducing distribution costs, become the best choice for picking way. In actual use of the electronic label lights are chosen, containing the 'harvest' and 'planting type' two types of picking. Compared with the traditional way of paper picking orders, electronic tags bright light but also has a great advantage: 1, hands free, without the paperless work hand held devices and paper, make employees no longer subject to print. besides, sorting order paper documents, such as not only simplify the process, shorten the operation time, and avoids the waste of paper, environmental protection and efficient. 2, improve picking efficiency in general, when picking workers, often in varieties to check the time and place to find and check more, electronic tags lights picking system with location intuitive information display and path optimization, can save the time on unnecessary costs, greatly reduce homework personnel's walking distance, improve picking efficiency. 3, increase the accuracy picking accurate picking way decided to enterprise in the customer high quality image, picking accuracy became managers judge has chosen an important indicator of good or bad, usually accuracy and picking member labor intensity and concentration. Electronic tag light picking system can reduce the labor intensity, the decrease of picking workers think time of judgment, make workers can always maintaining high efficiency. 4, decrease the cost of training and management of the electronic label lights has chosen system makes operation more simple, greatly reduce the training cost of enterprise, part-time workers also can play, also through to promote the efficiency of order picking, also reduce the enterprise cost in the number of picking personnel management. 5, traceability and record the workload can be the only RFID electronic label address binding staff, to order the traceability and quantitative appraisal function. Electronic tag lights have chosen improve enterprise when picking efficiency, reduce the management cost, at the same time can be realized with storage system and other management system seamless docking, to improve enterprise's information construction plays an important role. return
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