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Electronic tags to help Shanghai maritime residue in ship management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Recently, many ship to foreign steal pour waste residue in incidents caused social attention. In 28, Shanghai maritime bureau at a news conference, said maritime sector monitoring of sediment transport ships will be more strictly, to engage in special transport ships equipped with electronic tags, strengthen supervision. According to introducing, the ship will dump outside supervision, involving many departments, there are rubbish source of the declaration, transportation and so on many links. To put an end to this kind of phenomenon, need to send information to each department, seamless docking, do not give criminals loophole. According to environmental regulation, pollution cannot transport across the province, the stolen pour are sneaky. Vessel is not in accordance with the relevant provisions when handling, waste residue in operation, off course, went to the place where should not go to, such as jiangsu haimen, taihu lake, after Revelations of events, brought environmental pressure to brother provinces and municipalities. After the incident, the Shanghai authorities require all construction waste residue vessels to stop the transport. Shanghai maritime bureau on-site inspection water transfer residue in the ship dock, banned from the port of destination. From the drawing - again Direction and minhang - jiangsu Zhejiang Sue the direction of the ship to intercept, residue in clearance is prohibited. Illegal waste residue for the beginning of the vessel escorted back to the original departure terminal. After combing, has given point to the Shanghai area, can restore transport. Involves across provinces and cities, are prohibited. Unlike water transportation land transport, can be set on the highway crossing check, so land transport how monitored 24 hours a day? Maritime bureau is introduced, on the one hand, will give special ship equipped with an electronic tag, slant away from the track to report to the police. Next to the dock transport goods control, all kinds of wastes may not mix, the integral to the dockside for effective management, waste residue is waste residue, waste cannot be mixed in it; To prevent the construction waste, living garbage, treated as construction waste residue. Maritime sector will also increase the penalties at the same time, catch seriously together. Hope more face move simultaneously, strict controls of construction waste residue in illegal shipped abroad. return
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