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Ferngrove Wines will try NFC intelligent bottle in China

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Australian Ferngrove Wines bottle with NFC tags will be in China for intelligence, to help a single bottle of validation of the entire supply chain, to ensure that they are in the condition of factory sealed packaging, transportation, inventory and purchase. The trial will be Thinfilm Norway printed electronics products professional company with the authentication solution provider G World Group cooperative development of intelligent bottles of the first test, the test of the first test will be held in Shanghai in this week the GSMA mobile World congress, MWC) World dignitaries. 。 Thinfilm said: 'as part of the agreement with Thinfilm, and with the planned Ferngrove field test, G World has ordered 7 digits NFC OpenSense label orders. 'Ferngrove is the main supplier of the five-star red wine in the asia-pacific region, exports more than 600000 bottles every year in China alone. 'This smart bottle will adopt Thinfilm is applying for patent of NFC OpenSense labels and G World global patent Samscan craft, compelling choice for consumers in the World, in order to buy authentic products and consumables, at the same time to provide a significant role in the agricultural and beverage industry anti-counterfeiting agreement'. NFC OpenSense tags can be dynamic test for a seal or open the bottle, and can be read by gently NFC smartphones. The company had earlier this year at mobile world congress in Barcelona shows equipped with OpenSense Diageo intelligent bottle labels. Thinfilm on NFC World, said: 'in view of the security range, in particular China's market for field test. 'And' decision about other places will be made after the preliminary test. 'Transparency and accountability of China has advanced wine company Ferngrove Wines, chief executive of Anthony Wilkes said:' as one of the top wineries in western Australia, is also the main exporters to China, Ferngrove committed to ensuring the authenticity and quality of our constant quality Wines. The consumer. 'We are delighted with the G World and Thinfilm cooperation, and look forward to in the next few months the implementation of this unique solution. 'G World, managing director of Grant Shaw added:' G World system designed to increase trade and industry productivity. '' security framework is one of important achievements, the framework can provide transparency and accountability in all stages of the supply chain. 'France remy Martin (distilled spirits RémyMartin) Will also be launched in China connected with NFC tags brandy bottle, this will allow customers to check the authenticity of a product, is open and seals, and get a reward after get products and special offers. Buy it.
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