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Fitness center using RFID technology to reduce the risk of towel is missing

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Many health and fitness center using passive UHF RFID solutions to manage the towel and avoid the loss of a towel. The system can avoid the loss of towel, towel used management time, return time and confirm the time needed for washing. The system can also be used for other vertical markets, such as hotels and health-care facilities. Usually, the fitness center will be hurt by a towel loss. In fact, some potential customers said the normal size of club 150 need to replace towel per month. These towels are often members inadvertently to take home. Before installing the RFID system, lack of reliable methods to prevent the loss of these companies. In addition, in the market for EAS tag can't bear washing towels, towels out of the room and that they are unable to track. Goldbridge developed a solution based on RFID, for tracking towels and other items often clean and hard to manage. The company was founded in 2005, is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of RFID products manufacturer. Our customers involve a wide range of fields, such as transportation, electronic communications, tourism culture, animal husbandry and aquaculture, medical treatment and health care, and financial services. The fitness centre will be able to connect to UHF RFID tags, can also are connected by a third party laundry service providers. Goldbridge provide passive UHF RFID tags, users can choose according to their own needs adherent method ( Sewing or paste) 。 UHF RFID reader installed at the entrance to the fitness center. Towel label data stored on the server for management. If one is left with atowel fitness center, the reader will ask at the entrance of tags, and then to forward the ID number via cable connection to the server. Then, installed on the door of the alarm will sound, in order to check the staff or the front desk.                   The wet clothes in the gym bag and water bottle to tag reading presents some challenges, need to do some engineering optimization. Therefore, engineers in the development of the reader antenna and the installation process for liquid environment test, to ensure reliable reading the required distance. Read rate is almost 100% of the system. Some fitness center also plans to install the UHF RFID intelligent wardrobe, in order to help manage the towel. To use the chest, the customer need to use the id card to open the wardrobe door. Then, the software will update relevant personnel information. After the customer take a towel, antenna will no longer read the ID number, and the system will towel that is associated with personnel information. After use, customers can to throw in towel box behind the closet. Box of antenna will detect RFID tags and updates the state of towel to return in the software. When the number of dirty towel reaches the set value, the software will send a message to the employees for cleaning and replacement. Wardrobe which can hold 200 to 300 a clean towel, can meet the needs of most of the fitness center.
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