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Five tips to teach you the correct selection of RFID tags

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
With the constant improvement of RFID standards over the past several years, the choice of the RFID tag is becoming more and more simple and clear. Experts are about how to plan and implement the RFID tag 5 factors, in order to ensure the whole process of RFID tags can keep on the orbit of traceability. In recent years, the RFID system technology is considered to be change the way of human consumption, one of such as bus and ETC. However, how to choose the RFID products not only is the first step in the development of RFID technology, is a critical stage of the entire development process. Choose to use RFID products. Nowadays, denim, cosmetics, carrying case, shoes, medicine and many other products have been widely used RFID tags. Some organizations, such as the United States the arc - of auburn university The rfid lab, has presented the rfid embedded and global GS1 TIPP classification certification. EECC TACTA greatly improved the RFID tags in different application fields of testing and certification. Retailers and clothing manufacturers, for example, are now able to purchase a certified service and footwear M class labels. Second, the goods will be tracked. Should be considered when choosing the RFID tag, environmental conditions, such as density, metal content, such as liquid or glass. RFID is now in retail stores, factories and distribution centers are common. In addition, it is necessary to consider the degree of product packaging and the expected reading scope. Tags and encoding process. Many chip makers, such as Impinj, NXP and Alien, chips, speaking, reading and writing are higher in sensitivity, and improve the capacity. Chipselection, optimization of antenna design and system level test will ensure that comply with the rules of various label design can be applied to different applications. In the product application field, such as retail and consumer goods, goods level tracking has become a source or distribution center automation manufacturing process. Likewise, use the same method processing label code to facilitate centralized management and quality assurance is wise. The cost of the label. The price of RFID tags range from 10 cents to $60, and the price difference is very big. In general, the retail industry deployed a large number of goods has already cut the price of passive RFID tags to a few cents. Special label is applied to rough surface, on the other hand, the product and the active tags provide support for design and other special features, and more expensive. RFID tags to get started. As part of the whole RFID solutions, the choice of the label must meet the requirements of different business. Once understand what content should be positioned or product and what content should be traced or products, the choice of appropriate tags can be quickly reduced to a smaller range. RFID tags, for example, the style is the important element of the fast fashion, because some look and feel of the brand TAB has become one of the characteristics of the brand products. Goldbridge RFID tag factory is a professional. 13 years focused on various RFID products research and development, manufacturing and sales. Label products include animal RFID tag, RFID metal tag, RFID cable tie tag, RFID laundry tags, etc. If you have any queries, please contact customer service.
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