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Functions of RFID Wristband

Functions of RFID Wristband


Many of you should have used RFID wristbands, but in your impression, it is just a bracelet that allows you to enter a concert, theme park, hotel, etc., without in-depth understanding of it. It is certainly more than that.

Payments: wristband’s technology allows customers to pay without cash, similar to credit cards. Attendees can add their payment information to the RFID tag before the event.

Self-Check-In: RFID systems speed up the entry process, since they can be pre-authorized before being sent to the customers, allowing them to check-in once they get to the premises.

Access Control: An RFID wristband can be scanned at the entrance, reducing the need of carrying tickets to participate in an event.

Real-Time Analytics: An RFID system can be of great help for organizers. They allow them to keep track of busy periods, queue times and popular attractions.

Data Transfer: RFID scanners have an encoded radio signal that identifies the tag, which is linked to a database with information about the customer.

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