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Guild wars NFC mobile payments 'millet Pay' will be available

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Yesterday ( On June 30) Official start, millet by OTA push MIUI7. The fourth stable release beautiful MIUI 7 0. 5, 8 stability is also a beautiful MIUI version of the 'first edition', head of beautiful MIUI fung hung in an interview with the media when it comes to the issue of millet pay and phone bus card. He said, at present the millet is with unionpay and each big bank for technical debugging, has entered the final process, optimistic this autumn, the user can see related products. Of course, the mobile payment is called 'millet Pay' is not sure. Technically, millet will line the NFC mobile payments in the technical level, and Apple's Apple Pay are similar, fung hung also acknowledges that in the mobile payment, Apple industry plays a decisive role in promoting this. Millet 3 had also use NFC module supports some simple function of mobile payments, but offline clerk will not use, the situation is very awkward, apple and samsung incoming, push the whole thing becomes simple a lot. In addition to the bank card payment, millet is also trying to push the NFC field bus, the millet mobile phone opened the Shanghai and shenzhen two city bus NFC payments, statistically, Shanghai has NFC function for bus card function take rate more than 8%, more than 10% in shenzhen. This is a quite large proportion. But it is not convenient, open phone bus card also need to pay the deposit, fung hung also expressed the hope that bus group and government level can play some role in this aspect, can promote the user to use the public transportation card. Many users are concerned about, what time can use millet mobile fingerprint identification for alipay and WeChat pay. Fung hung said that pay treasure and WeChat fingerprint payment functions have continued to communicate, because will be involved in payment security problem, so now is to explore appropriate solutions, the millet and basic reached the consensus of fingerprint payment, alipay WeChat will quickly, is expected to do the things within this year. return
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