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Hospital baby electronic wristband

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
By introducing the micro electronic wristband, some babies hospital security improved. Micro ID bracelets made of no latex soft materials, suits with the new baby's delicate skin, and fully electronic, its information data taken from patients in hospital management system. Provided by SATO, they will be used in the special nursing babies ward all babies in hospital. They put on the ankle, with bar codes, which contains the child's all detailed information, including name, hospital number and NHS number. Hospital spokesman said: 'we think the wristband design can not only ensure the security of the babies are comfortable to wear, but also can correct identification, in order to ensure that appropriate patients get the right drugs and treatment. In addition, the existence of the bar code automatic identification function to our bedside IT system can use the automatic data collection in the future. This solution has become our department the valuable complement of existing processes and procedures for the patient care. ”
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