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Hospital management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Goldbridge hospital security applications - in safety management - access control management Students monitoring - The frequency of the students VIdeo monitoring and real-time image - Alarm output and fire - controller Access control management to establish safe area to prevent unauthorized access into the hospital for closed-end management. Students day and accommodation can be assigned to different access group. Once you find accommodation student special access, the alarm will be sent to the guards. No one can use others card access security area. - Each access controller can accommodate 20000 users, such as single port controller can manage 20000 users; If the port number for a two-door controller. 1 management 5000 users, the port number. 2 can manage up to 15000 card, and 4 - door controller Can store 100000 offline event buffer. Each event buffer including the card number, time, address, through or by such information. Information overload, if the storage space will be automatically deleted old new records to save space. You can select whether to activate the record button to unlock and alarm information, if not active, will not record button to unlock and alarm information. - Students to monitor the entrance guard system can track the students' activities, such as the time to enter or leave the school. Entrance guard system can conveniently control after school attendance status, absenteeism and early departure, etc. , help to monitor the student's identity, to scientific management. - Each scroll of real-time monitoring card. You can view the cardholder's photo, the photo has lent in the software, so that security staff can check if the cardholder to lock the door when you leave. If the connection is the magnet wire, you can check which door is open or closed. Scroll card effective record will be marked as green; Invalid rolling paper records will be displayed as orange, alarm records will be displayed as red, to attract the attention of the security guards. If installed video monitoring equipment, can be in rolling TAB in real time to record video and photos. - The frequency of students to enter or leave school can record students' attendance. This will help teachers to monitor student's availability. With its powerful alarm functions, entrance guard system can interact with fire control system. Once the events, entrance guard system and create the alarm can be quickly opened the door, help students escape from the danger zone. The timing of the flexible - You can define the break - You can specify a port for time and attendance Can set the number of roller card per day - Flexible setup time and attendance - on Saturday Leave application form can be important, and the flexibility to add custom - the name of the holiday The detailed time and attendance report - Can customize the report forms - Can be left out in the attendance list - this particular person VIdeo monitoring and real-time photos if the connection is the VIdeo equipment, when you scroll or turn on the button, it can capture VIdeo recording your photos and 3 seconds. The administrator can easily check if the cardholder is a cardholder. Then you can view the record. But the computer function of supervision, the supervision of the interface and software interface are running. - Output and fire alarm controller can access control system interact with the fire control system. Once the events, entrance guard system and create the alarm can be quickly opened the door, help students escape from the danger zone. - Connection infrared detection sensor, the sensing device or door magnet, if someone illegally broken into, the infrared detector will start the alarm system. - Need to connect the gas detection device, smoke detectors, etc Connect the emergency button, if the robbery took place in the rooms, people can press the emergency button, the alarm will start. Flexible setup posture and present time
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