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How is the logistics industry are affected by the Internet of things technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
The definition, the Internet of things the Internet of things or the Internet, but it is part of the new generation information network, is based on the Internet. Is defined as: by means of radio frequency identification technology ( RFID) With the Internet, thermal sensors, GPS, laser scanning equipment, gas sensor sensing devices, such as agreement, according to some sort of agreement to specify objects connected with the Internet, implement the information communication, exchange, to implement the intelligent recognition, monitoring, tracking, positioning, management and so on. Iot three technical systems include: sensor technology, communication network system, intelligent system. And through the three system contains the RFID, GPS system, sensor, infrared, laser can be completed for the Internet of things technologies such as identification, location, tracking and counting, classification and selection of information operation. Second, the Internet of things technology in the present application 1 of river basin. Application of radio frequency identification RFID technology in material basin in the tray, for example the container equipment management. On the tray, container equipment equipped with radio tags, to facilitate the management of such equipment and follow up. Such as using the rfid label automated stereoscopic warehouse equipment in the tray, and the dynamic tracking, through monitoring and control system for the storage and process time and information collection, so that the information management of warehouse operation. At present this technology in my high-end logistics, pharmaceutical, luxury goods, he has done successful cases in the food industry. At the same time, this kind of technology in the identification of goods, information collection, query, also plays a huge role in tracking process. Provides the guarantee for security in the process of material in storage. Using radio frequency identification technology and monitoring of transport of goods. Through the combination of RFID technology and sensor technology, can be in the state of perception in road transport of goods on the basis of the implementation of the management and control of goods. RFID read-write device installed on the measure through the lanes and sensors, accept the RFID tag information to realize the transportation vehicles and transportation of goods identification, location, tracking and situational awareness, etc. In road transport of goods management transparency, visualization, guarantee the quality of goods transport and security. The Internet of things technology in the distribution management. Through in the delivery of the goods, the use of RFID read-write device, packing of goods on RFID tags; In handling equipment installed on the mobile RFID read-write device and in the warehouse entrance, trays, shelves, and other logistics level on the installation and use of hand-held, speaking, reading and writing, can realize the overall delivery of goods each detail implementation operation items of inventory information management. Enterprise managers can master the inventory of the goods in time and its distribution, automatic replenishment system can be in time for goods supplement, effectively reduce inventory and improve inventory control. In addition, also can use RFID technology, in the process of loading intelligent transportation vehicles using a handheld device scanning into platform on RFID tags, will deliver goods transport vehicles enter information into the car terminal, and download the order information, cargo information can also be staging area dispatch to the platform and its loading. 2. Logistics domain application of GPS application in vehicle GPS technology for transportation management, can be full of goods transport vehicles tracking, positioning. Implements the emergency cases of emergency rescue vehicle. For the vehicle scheduling, also provide vehicle alarm function, make the goods in transit is safer. Freight vehicle GPS technology used in the operation and management. Monitor operation in long distance transport of goods, such as special vehicle locating and tracking field, GPS technology application is very wide also, based on GPS technology for all vehicle tracking effect, realize the online distribution information service, complete and back on the way of the empty car distribution, decrease the rate of returning empty, cost savings for the enterprise. Now many of the large crude oil business has been the introduction of technology, through the intelligent monitoring to ensure the goods transportation safety and efficiency. Port of GPS technology used in the Internet of things. With special container trucks GPS monitoring software, GPS vehicle monitoring system of intelligent port system, become the development of the Internet of things technology in my port industry. Also for the Internet of things technology in the development of port industry to lay a solid foundation. Logistics distribution monitoring system of GPS application. Adjustable storage scheduling service process first, and avoid the rush to the arrival of the goods caused by the vehicles arrival can't unload, storage problem. Through in road monitoring system software, to follow-up in road vehicles, improve the level of source organization, speed up the turnover efficiency, establish and equipped with GPS intelligent logistics network system. Three, the Internet of the future trend of the development of the Internet of things technology is a comprehensive technology, its application in logistics industry scale, universality, managerial, technical and other characteristics. Automatic and intelligent transportation, storage and dynamic distribution and information control, constitute a new type of logistics business system formation. Because of the Internet of things through every link in the logistics industry, and makes the logistics supply chain of each link are closely linked, forming a seamless docking, which constitute the logistics service chain. Information technology based on Internet of things, will change the operation mode of the logistics industry to a great extent. And internal information will get a high degree of integration of logistics enterprises and integration, enables enterprise to know the goods dynamic, real-time and according to the dynamic necessary logistic control. At the same time, the realization of the logistics information in the Internet environment, help to resource optimization configuration and integration, the efficiency is greatly increased. Effective transport logistics enterprises need instant information, help enterprises to analysis and solve problems, timely and effective decision making, improve internal operational efficiency, enhance the level of logistics services. The logistics industry is an iot application more widely, it can help the development of logistics specialization of ascension. Product effect on operation of the logistics links, and promote the integration of logistics functions. As relevant policy support and the development of Internet technology, the logistics industry will change with the development of the Internet of things make a huge and subject to the profound influence. return
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