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How to choose appropriate RFID reader based on RFID system?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
In recent years, with radio frequency identification ( RFID) Technology in the supermarket, highway electronic toll collection system and the application of RFID access control system and the promotion, the technology has gradually become the core of rapid item identification mainstream technology. Unlike early barcode recognition technology is that it can only be done through the RF signal long-distance identification. RFID tags can also be used to identify the various types of information, such as product manufacturers, types and environment variables. If there is no automatic identification, read and write data, data storage and data processing ability, the RFID system cannot be completed. For rfid device testing, rfid system cannot be separated from three basic components: the rfid tag, rfid reader ( Read the label information equipment) RFID antenna. RFID reader as the most important part of the RFID system, its performance will directly affect the advantages and disadvantages of RFID system works. 1. First of all, determine what kind of RFID read-write device, RFID system needs to be fixed RFID reader or portable RFID reader? Use occasions, frequency and what are the special requirements for reading distance? At present, the RFID reader on the market according to the frequency band is divided into 125 k, 13. 56 m, 915 m and 2. 4G。 According to the distance, they can be divided into the close, middle distance and long distance. 1) 125 k RFID reader: the lowest cost and read-only, distance less than 10 cm, also can do 1 m. Areas of application: low-cost access control, attendance, parking lot, etc. 2) 13. 56 MHZ RFID reader: reading and writing, distance between 10 - Between 150 cm. It is divided into ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693 three prototype, the two prototype of ISO14443 belong to 10 cm from close range within the scope of reader, ISO15693 belongs to middle distance reader, read and write distance of 0 - 150cm。 3) 915 MB of UHF RFID reader: mainly used in middle distance, average distance within 10 meters. It is divided into 18000 - 6 b and c two prototypes, the reader of a slightly higher price. Application: high-end industries, such as continuous charging, automatic entry attendance statistics, etc. 4) 2. 4 g reader: power supply own label can transmit at the same time. Strong anti-jamming capability. Read often the distance between several kilometers to several kilometers. Application: vehicle management, the underground personnel positioning and monitoring for important items in logistics. RFID selection is the key to stable performance, and easy to use. According to the requirements of the interface for real ( USB, RS232 and RS485 and RJ45 network port) , different requirements, such as software development needs and the actual installation research company generally use RS232 or USB interface, projects will use RS484 and RJ45 interface. All of these types of card reader in shenzhen Goldbridge, can satisfy the requirements of all walks of life. 2, the manufacturer's technical support is very important. The choice of the RFID reader will inevitably lead to communicate with manufacturer's technology. This is particularly important.
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