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How to strengthen its RFID consciousness

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
When retailers business crisis, store staff is in a 'warrior' line. For RFID project, I have had many years of experience, I know that employees are interested in the new RFID project can improve the operating efficiency of stores, so how to make staff actively into the new RFID project? The following experience to share with you: 1. Make full use of the old retail and mobile devices size is larger, and operation of trouble; New retail equipment size is small, the operation interface is simple, and don't need to spend too much time for training. Retail store managers need to give employees a smartphone with a specific APP, to introduce him to the different functions of different apps and mobile phones to give him a demonstration again, can let employees know how to use these features easily. These devices can let employees know what is happening, such as order fulfillment or commodity positioning. 2. Let employees know the convenience of RFID to my favorite stores staff demonstrates how to use RFID to customers quickly find he wanted goods. Store employees like the tool, because it can let they save a lot of time on looking for goods. The door store some general task automation, not only can improve the staff's work enthusiasm, but also can improve the accuracy of the data store, staff can spend more time to service customers. 3. Focus on the best selling goods and new product most retailers will stock on a regular basis. RFID system can be combined and invoicing system, which can help retailers know clearly what item sold very well, the need for replenishment; Retailers can use dynamic task manager to add new product and make the best selling goods keep in stock. Maintain correct inventory can not only provide customers with a good shopping experience can also increase sales for retailers. Regularly use RFID read an inventory count and can ensure that displayed at the right time, right place the right goods. 4. Let every man be beneficiary for all new and old employees with RFID system training, so that they can understand the role of RFID. Once these employees familiar with RFID, they can provide training for the new employees or part-time students. When performing the RFID project, retailers can choose some goods first test the stock or commodity positioning function, let every employee understand how RFID as early as possible to help them simplify working process. Usually, the retailer can choose to start RFID inventory management project, because after the combination of RFID and checkout system, inventory data can be instantly updated, employees can quickly know what goods need to be added, staff from the plate storage each repetition. 5. To maintain freshness and fun encourage employees to learn from each other, keeping the team cooperation and reward outstanding staff; Some retailers will use some competition to reward those who can accurately perform the whole channel marketing order in specific time. Retailers can also use RFID to provide customers with fresh and fun, such as clothing retailer, can provide customers with more products information, encourage customers to shop. ( In this paper, the author confirmed point system co. , LTD. , RFID project manager Sonya Weed) return
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