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In the history of the most horrible RFID solution - — RFID tags in the urn

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Funeral home intelligent management of ashes, the museum of the urn with smart RFID electronic tag, people went to worship, with intelligent system self-help cremated and effectively prevent the phenomenon such as confusion, loss for the storage of ashes. Family members as long as with a smart RFID electronic tickets, similar to the public transportations in recognition system on a brush, immediately on the screen shows the urn of basic information such as name, location, storage time, after the implementation of intelligent management, at the bottom of the urn will be labeled as chips, location is also set up a camp, above has a corresponding urn chips, as long as the wrong location, urn will send out alarm, counting the urn is only need 5 minutes. The storage of ashes will use smart RFID electronic tag. Now what is the usage? Funeral home in dongguan is preparing for new bone building a full computer control based on intelligent management of RFID radio frequency technology, a carton of ashes is equipped with an RFID electronic tag, the corresponding issued to relatives in the RFID electronic tickets, when relatives into the receive ashes, ashes floor sensor will automatically enter the time and related information into the computer, when the ashes have not been back on the right cabinet, sensors will issue a warning, ashes floor door won't open. The ashes floor of general intelligent design and management of RFID system belong to the domestic level. The management plan is how to operate? All inventories at the bottom of the urn labeled with RFID chip stickers, stickers printed on the urn belongs to person's name, age, date of death, for family members who are, what is the contact, stickers in the chip also the storage of the above information. 1) Every time a new urn, according to above methods RFID stickers. The RFID chip is ISO 18000 - agreement 6 c, frequency is 900 MHZ, induction distance is 16 meters. 2) When have families to take urn, the door of the storeroom of reading and writing can be induced into the chip at the bottom of urn information, then automatically connected to the computer database, to remove the box of inventory, and reflected in the daily report and monthly report. 3) At the end of the month inventory, staff need to take walk hand to read and write device within the warehouse ( Because of the chip is 16 - induction distance 32 meters) , there are mobile phones all the inventory data, very relaxed. 4) Workers finished inventory, take a portable machine back to the office, connected to the computer, the computer automatically generate sorting inventory table, effortless. How family worship offering receive urn management? During the qingming festival, a lot of relatives rushed to funeral home worship the ancestors, how to quickly bypass the crowd, how to quickly let relatives get the urn correctly. 1) All family members must deal with a RFID card, the card for the chip card. A chip for low frequency chips, induction distance of 10 cm, another for ultra-high frequency chip, induction distance is 16 meters. 2) The card inside the chip with the above mentioned at the bottom of the urn chips have the same information. 3) Relatives card into a funeral home doors, security guards simply used to read and write device close to the IC card, 0. 1 second will be able to identify the relative identity, let people can quickly evacuated. ( At this time of high frequency 10 centimeters of IC chip comes into play) 。 4) Relative to the urn warehouse to receive the ashes, when the relatives of IC card and urn through the door at the same time, such as two card information is not consistent, door, speaking, reading and writing will alarm and remind relatives take the urn (wrong At this moment uhf 16 meters on the IC card chip comes into play) 。 Thus effectively avoid the take wrong urn. 5) When relatives took urn, automatically from the door to read and write and delete wants on a computer that is connected to the database. With the development of science and technology and social modernization, the use of advanced science and technology management ancestors urn, is imperative. Using the radio frequency identification ( RFID) Technology is large amount of information processing, funeral urn management digital preferred choice. return
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