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Indian airlines use RFID systems management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Aman is India aircraft parts maintenance and repair, MRO) Institutions, will cooperate with RFID companies, to promote India's civil aviation department based on the implementation of the RFID technology. Compared to paper records and manual search tool, using RFID automation system can help Aman air to save time. RFID can also improve the accuracy of the report, real-time to provide tool state information, it will be a large number of saved money on the ground plane time, increase the flight number, make the air India more cost efficiency and profitability, and maintain a high level of security. Due to the required labels on the tools, parts or other assets, as long as in the service state, the label should keep reliable performance, so the MRO is one of the most harsh environment RFID application. RFID is real and safe and efficient operation of the information is the key to establish a physical link between, therefore particularly high each technical index requirements for labels. Industrial high strength and high temperature label DotXS label ( 6 mm in diameter, 2. 5 mm thickness, read and write distance reaches 1. 5 m / 5 feet) ,DashXS( 12 * 3 * 2. 2 mm, to read and write distance at 2 m / 6. 6 feet) — — Because of its small size and excellent writing and reading distance, and read when applied to the metal parts reliability. The RFID system to choose their applied to tracking tools. According to Aman airlines, India's new civil aviation policy, from the airport royalties they run set aside funds to support MRO, can save 20% of operating costs. To save these funds will be used to implement the technology, such as RFID, improve economic efficiency, safety and ensure punctuality Indian tourists. RFID solutions based on the use of new development of software, this software support through the various stages of the complex supply chain efficiency of assets and inventory tracking, from manufacturer to declare dutiable goods store, and end users, and accurate the cloud plane maintenance management. RFID tool tracking case RFID business case in this environment is very clear, in the aerospace field. Main challenge is to find the RFID tag is the most suitable installation method and combination of the software, for sure can at any time to accounting tools to reasonable maintenance. Aman airline plans for their first MRO activity implementation solution. Then Aman want to be able to in the third quarter of this year will be their own solutions to air India. return
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