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Indoor localization gradually fresh-from-stats-class needs, all kinds of technical schools of thought contend

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Indoor positioning: indoor positioning is an extension of the outdoor positioning, due to its environment mask more intense, the precision is higher than outdoor positioning requirement, coverage more widely. Indoor positioning technology research direction is plural, WSN localization; UWB positioning; Wifi positioning; Bluetooth; 无线个域网; 射频识别; Ultrasound; 领导; Laser; LiFi; Computer vision, such as magnetic field orientation. With the demand of now, the indoor positioning technology research schools of thought contend. WSN localization WSN localization, wireless sensor network localization. The positioning method through multiple random cloth of sensor nodes, the nodes coordinate with each other in the form of self organization work. Determine the relative position of a mobile node move or not, and then through to the node localization algorithm to determine the location of the. Wireless sensor network (WSN) network is simple, the cost is low. But at the same time, the sensor node energy limited, poor reliability, node size and random cloth, positioning distance co. , LTD. , etc. At present, a lot of WSN localization for environmental monitoring, disaster monitoring, location of coal mine safety production monitoring established scenes. RFID positioning RFID, also called radio frequency identification (RFID). Radio frequency identification (rfid) technology is mainly the use of radio frequency way for non-contact two-way communication exchange data in order to achieve the purpose of identification and positioning. This technique operating distance is short, generally for the longest dozens of meters. Unable to real-time positioning, positioning accuracy is low. But the volume is small, low cost, has been widely used at present. Mainly used in the warehouse, coal mine, cargo tracking, security, ETC, office attendance, ETC. Uwb technology ( 超宽频) Uwb technology does not need to use the traditional communication system of the carrier, but by sending and receiving a nanosecond or nanosecond under extremely narrow pulses to transmit data, so as to have the scale of GHz bandwidth. Its advantage lies in the strong penetrating power, low power consumption, good anti-multipath effect, high safety, low system complexity, offers the advantages of accurate positioning accuracy. Therefore, ultra broadband technology can be applied to indoor static or moving objects and tracking positioning and navigation, and can provide precise positioning accuracy. WiFi positioning wireless local area network ( WLAN) Is a kind of brand-new information acquisition platform, can be widely used within the field of complex large scale positioning, monitoring and tracking tasks. WiFi positioning system by empirical test, and a combination of signal propagation model, easy to install, the quantity is less, the base station to reduce the deployment cost is low, the network structure, system of high precision. Drawback is that the bad anti-jamming ability of wifi network, power consumption is on the high side, positioning accuracy within a few meters. Currently used in indoor and commercial marketing technology solutions. A variety of positioning technology on the parameters is slightly different, use different application scenarios. But with the current different application scenarios are in constant development and improvement of higher precision, lower power consumption, faster response. Although there research and indoor positioning face many unique challenges due to the relatively sheltered outdoor indoor environment stronger, more complex layout, fine, the layout of the building interior has different, positioning technology has higher positioning accuracy are needed to distinguish different environmental characteristics. At the same time due to the positioning of the scene also presents the fragmentation demand of diversity, therefore should consider the following aspects: in the middle of the actual layout positioning accuracy, range, reliability, cost, power consumption, scalability and response time. Indoor positioning technology challenges still has a lot of, when the Internet developing, positioning requirements of large-scale applications, these challenges will be industry have to face the problem. First of all, the accuracy and reliability of the existing single positioning technology is difficult to meet the precision of different dynamic characteristics and the environment of reliability requirements. Secondly, from the perspective of improving coverage, the existing technology basically depend on the database, and database produced mostly rely on artificial site survey, so the layout and the maintenance cost is very high. From the perspective of application, which USES the positioning technology of low power consumption, no additional cost. 。 'To return to
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