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Introduction to delay issuing MF1 card benefits

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
IC card system, after-sales service is mainly around the two aspects, on the one hand is to read the card equipment daily maintenance; On the other hand is invalid card, bad card collection. MF1 card problems generally has the following several ways: 1, the chip is bad, can't read and write - - - - - - Physically damaged beyond repair, can only change new card again. 2, the chip can be read, but not write - - - - - - Password is missing. Concrete is divided into two kind of situations: cardiac repeated card - the user - - - - - In the process of reduction and pass as the password to hairpin to cardiac card lost password - - - - - - - - - - - You can see above points in MF1 card can't control the issuing of work, on the one hand, a chip with more stable quality. On the other hand, in the process of issuing personnel quality and skills are also important, the last is the card-issuing equipment and control card program. Some systems business can better grasp this, here are some of their precious practical experience. 1, the issuing personnel must pass strict training to become professional card. 2, set up a time delay function of the issuing card program, because MF1 card initialization 16 area needs a certain amount of time, is normally need 5 seconds, are generally large system, according to this standard, but some system, in the form of 'fast' hairpin is two seconds to finish issuing procedures. The former while issuing time is slow, but in the actual rate of bad CARDS in use is controlled well, usually below is one over one thousand. To sum up, MF1 card to delay hairpin is necessary, too simple and backward issuing mode can only lead to more and more unknown bad card, finally can even affect the user's use in engineering, at the same time too much blame chip quality and packaging business card, can only make the parties mutual shuffle, in the long run is not conducive to the development of the gold card. return
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