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It's more fun to RFID game to let the children's museum

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Summer arrived, want to parents with children go out to play, the children's museum may be a good choice. Children most of the exhibits in the museum can let the children touch, at the same time, through the museum exhibits and activities, children will unconsciously learn to thinking, creative innovation on their own. In order to add more fun to the children, at the end of last year in Houston, the children's museum launched a special elite criminals seeking and spy team ( 秘密) The game. This game requires a group of 6 to 12 years old young visitors to participate in, participation of parents to children, is needed to complete a series of tasks. The game USES no source of low frequency RFID technology with RFID wristbands Codex will connect game participants and their respective tasks. The museum exhibition and education technology development manager Keith T. Studies, said since the game online, the museum membership growth. This is because, after one or two tasks, these players will want to go to do a lot more challenges, and purchase a membership ticket every time than to visit tickets were cheaper. Each of the tasks, the player's mission is to protect a strange issue energy underground crystal. In order to achieve this, they need to beat is trying to steal the crystal established RIVAL groups. Studies, the purpose of the game itself is to exercise body and mind. He said: 'the game purpose is to encourage children to use key skills, including problem-solving methods of observation and logical decisions. Game altogether including 6 task, involving such as museum walk, look for clues, negotiations, puzzles, and information kiosks to answer the question. Museum won't inform tasks in advance. Usually, the children will be on the first visit to the museum, one or two tasks need to visit the museum again to complete other task. Because the game needs to be done in walking in the museum, so the game also exercise the body and mind. 'First of all, the participants need to pay $20 for the first task, the back of the $10 for each task. Then, the participants will receive a wrist strap Codex, built-in EM microelectronics provide EM4200LF 125 kHz RFID chips. Each child will receive a few small tools, such as magnifying glass and a flashlight. The game is developed jointly by the children's museum in Houston and Schell, including a wrist strap a stored ID number and the task of the binding information software. Although the software does not collect each participant's name, but it will collect answers to three questions - Such as 'how much is your telephone number? ”。 Wrist strap so lost children can still access the game files. After receiving the wristbands and small tools, participants can start the game, from the door of a locked inside. When his hand house door RFID reader, equipment will read to the wristband ID number, then the door will open automatically. Then, participants can toward task pavilion, read the wristbands, view the task information. All reader built-in Phidgets PhidgetRFID printed circuit board. Game tasks may involve puzzles or labyrinth and laser. After completing the first part of the recognition task, the participants are eligible to participate in the second part of the task, this part more test mathematical or logical thinking. The museum hopes to have the parents to participate. To complete the task, the participants in the RFID information kiosks input data needed for the next task. The information will be along with wristbands ID number stored within the software. Studies, said: 'usually takes 45 minutes to complete each task. 'At present, about 20% 30% of children aged between 6 and 12 will participate in SECRET. At present, the museum has sold more than 3500 missions. Studies points, will add more tasks in the future. This will need more information about RFID pavilion, also puts forward more requirements for the software. return
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