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Japan IoT IoT strategic plan

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Focus on the Japanese meti in response to the trend of The Times, the future data on the Internet of things ( 物联网) , big data ( 大数据) And artificial intelligence, 一个。 我。 ) Technology put forward strategic plan, refer to figure 1 flow chart, illustrates the IoT IoT, big data and A. 我。 Technology through the actual space match each other, realize to data-driven world in the future. Through the Internet of IoT, big data and A. 我。 The three technology innovation, in the future, in a flash will have a large comprehensive data, through the analysis of the zero cost, optimizing the allocation of resources, direct reflection to the real world, is expected to produce the following new social patterns: 1. Robotic nanomanipulation: by a large amount of data and machine learning, robot can replace usually repetitive work, human only engage in creative activities. 2. Ordering the world: the future due to the design, production and sale of marginal cost is zero, so the individual production, custom-made needs to improve, through regional 3 d printing can meet this requirement. 3. Shared economic concepts: let more effective by using existing resources, consumers and producers of line becomes more and more blurred. Analysing the Japanese seven iot strategy: 1. In order to promote data usage environment development 2. Improve data talent cultivation, and employ system 3. Accelerate the creativity, technology updates, implement Society5. 0. 4. Strengthen the financial function 5. Transformation of 6 to assist industry and employment. The fourth industrial revolution, for small and medium-sized enterprises and regional economic measures 7. To advance the fourth industrial revolution, strengthen the economic and social system of Japan IoT IoT platform: Japan in response to the new era, was founded in October 2015, the Internet of things IoT promoting union, the agency's main function for technology development, transfer, and solve the problem of policy. In a IoT of things push under the alliance, a total of 4 working conference, the technology to develop the WG ( 工作小组) , advancing the WG advanced empirical work, Internet security WG, and promote the WG data circulation. While the Japanese meti and communications ministry is the role of assistance. 块Chain2。 0 ( The currency of key concepts) : by Block Chain 2. 0 technology, will be the past institutions centralized type into dispersible, also is not to collect organs through information, thoroughly implement the content and content information is connected to the concept of Internet of things. IoT IoT applied in the case of electric utility, for example, chubu electric and NEC cooperation ( In June 2016) , said by IoT technology to support the coal-fired power plant, by installing sensor in power plants and the accumulation of a large number of data analysis, in view of the thermal power plant equipment fault, power generation efficiency decline, temperature, pressure and other factors were analyzed, and the system development is completed, is expected to 2017 after the completion of the development of system will create a new business opportunities, is expected to further service coal-fired power plants at home and abroad. Japan in order to construct the new IoT IoT society, puts forward the strategic plan, for energy efficient allocation of power is also need to rely on the Internet of things IoT technology support, so Japan to start a new business model layout. return
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