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Japan's convenience store UHF RFID tags can spread?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
In order to alleviate the increasingly serious shortage problem, 7 - 11, familymart and three other Japanese convenience store chain plan by 2025 to use RFID tags for all products. Japan's convenience store UHF RFID tags can spread? In a convenience store, the function of the RFID technology still use traditional supermarket. It is used in the electronic payment, has the identification function of guard against theft and items. Recently, in the convenience store USES a new UHF tags to show through UHF RFID signal update data. Using RFID technology of supply chain management in real time with the supplier to share sales, inventory, cost and other information. Vendors can timely understand the status of product sales and inventory, greatly reduce the communication cost and time of replenishment and more accurately grasp the market reaction. In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics, improve logistics convenience stores, the convenience of UHF RFID technology has been highlighted. It is reported that the label does not need to battery, but the use of the RFID asked during energy. The technology will offer solutions provider in the form of development board, and by a few Japanese retailers for testing. Development board is composed of electronic paper display and UHF RFID inlay, antenna printed on the circuit board. Users can use with 2. 9 '296 x 128 display screens and 8 KB memory standard of UHF RFID reader and transmission of up to 20 cm signal. The user can change the display size and resolution. UHF RFID tags can be repeated use, each tag ID can be easily read and write new product related data. Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan, from cosmetics, food to medical supplies and other products. The convenience stores, on average, covers an area of 100 square meters, and flexible enough to adjust inventory to meet changing consumer demand. To meet demand, the goods quickly from distribution center to these small convenience stores. When the product through the supply chain, using the UHF RFID technology update the label information. Warehouse and other support staff can spend less time on inventory, scan the barcode and manually enter information. The RFID tags will replace the existing paper label, it also helps to reduce the usage of paper. In the United States, the label system has been widely used in large retailers such as wal-mart. By reading the volume label of the chip information, get more products information in order to track sales status, and it can greatly reduce the configuration. According to expert introduction, between 2005 and 2007, wal-mart suppliers use about 5 billion RFID tags, save 83 a year. 500 million dollars. Shenzhen goldbridge intelligent technology co. , LTD is a leading field of Internet of RFID hardware and solutions integrators. Over the years, we have been focusing on RFID technology in the field of study, has an independent R & D center and product development center, and has obtained a number of invention patent and international certification. So far, the company has in the new retail, industrial 4. 0, asset management, warehousing logistics, intelligent transportation, intelligent weighing, production line management, smart grid, and so on has established the achievements, and has accumulated rich experience in product application and project management.
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